5 Upcoming Free Agents the Patriots Will Let Walk

Which 2024 Patriots free agents are likely going to walk?
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2. Mike Gesicki, TE

Whatever the reasons, Mike Gesicki just hasn't been able to figure things out since the 2019-20 seasons where he looked like he could end up being a high-volume receiver at the tight end position.

Gesicki topped out at 112 targets in the 2021 season for the Miami Dolphins before taking a step back statistically in 2022. The Patriots signed him out of the clearance section in 2023 free agency, and I think it's safe to say they've gotten what they paid for.

Sure, New England's offense has been bad, but Gesicki hasn't proven to be much of a difference-maker with just 21 receptions on 32 targets in 13 games.

And it's not like we can entirely blame his play on the quarterbacks. He's averaging only 5.7 yards per target, while Henry for example is averaging 6.8, and four other Patriots have seen 30+ targets and posted a higher average than Gesicki.

There's a reason he went from playing 30-plus snaps in each of his four games of the season to playing fewer than 20 in each of his last three.

And why would Gesicki want to be back? He's been phased out of the offense, and there's little reason to come back to that situation, while joining a rebuilding Patriots team if they do blow it up probably isn't where he wants to be.

I'm sure Gesicki will still get a decent role elsewhere in 2024 but I don't think we'll see him back with New England.