5 Upcoming Free Agents the Patriots Will Let Walk

Which 2024 Patriots free agents are likely going to walk?
New England Patriots
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4. Ezekiel Elliott, RB

I think just about everyone knew that Ezekiel Elliott was just a one-year rental for the New England Patriots.

This was never a situation that felt like it would be a multi-year thing, and I think with what we've seen from both Elliott and the Patriots in 2023, that's confirmed.

Elliott had a great game on Thursday night against the Steelers, and that game alone might be evidence enough for prospective suitors in 2024 that Elliott is capable of helping teams going forward. And with all due respect, better teams than the Patriots will likely come calling in 2024 at a similar price to what Elliott signed for in 2023.

I think he might even have played himself into a raise. He's got 88 yards from scrimmage or better in three of his last four games and has shown particular value as a receiver as well. Whether another year's worth of wear-and-tear is enough to counter the flashes he's shown remains to be seen, but he certainly should have contenders lining up to add him to their backfield rotation for 2024.