5 Upcoming Free Agents the Patriots Will Let Walk

Which 2024 Patriots free agents are likely going to walk?
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5. Kendrick Bourne, WR

One of the position groups I think we'll see a complete overhaul for the Patriots in 2024 is at the wide receiver spot.

They're going to be stuck with JuJu Smith-Schuster for another year, but with Kendrick Bourne coming off of injury, I think we'll see the Patriots let him walk and try to find other options to support a rookie quarterback looking to find his footing in the pros.

Bourne has been really solid for the Patriots and has arguably found his stride as a professional playing in New England. His average yards per target, for example, ballooned from 8.1 across his first four years in the pros to 9.5 in his three season in Foxborough.

After suffering a season-ending injury in 2023 Bourne probably won't land a long-term contract for 2024, but rather a one-year prove-it kind of deal. That's not something that fits the mold for a young Patriots team that is slated for an offensive overhaul. The Pats are going to want reliable weapons that they can count on building long-term chemistry in their offense.

It also wouldn't be in Bourne's best interest to play with a rookie, as he'll want to go to an offense where he can shine and earn his next big contract.

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