6 Patriots Cap Casualty Cuts to Save Millions This Offseason

The New England Patriots have cap space this offseason but could clear millions more with these 6 moves
New England Patriots
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1. J.C. Jackson, CB

Pre-June 1 Savings: $14.375 Million
Pre-June 1 Dead Money: $0
Post-June 1 Savings: $14.375 Million
Post-June 1 Dead Money: $0

Undrafted in 2018, J.C. Jackson has always had the talent to exceed in the NFL, but he's often getting in his own way. An arrest led to his departure from Florida and he then spent one season at Riverside College before heading to Maryland. Once in the NFL, he blossomed into a star for the Patriots.

Jackson was a ball hawk with 25 interceptions in four seasons, with 17 of those coming in 2020 and 2021. He parlayed that into a huge contract when he signed a five-year, $82.5 million deal with the Los Angeles Chargers in 2022. They turned to him as their No. 1 cornerback but he was a major disappointment.

He appeared in just five games in 2022 and another two in Los Angeles before being sent back to the Patriots. Looking to replace rookie Christian Gonzalez who was sent to the IR, New England hoped a return to their scheme would help Jackon return to form.

That didn't happen as he continued to struggle and even drew the ire of team captain David Andrews, who called him out for his attitude and lack of commitment. Jackson was even left behind when the team went to Germany late in the year.

Looking ahead to 2024, the Patriots might be willing to move on just to avoid having a malcontent on their hands, but a bonus is the $14.375 million they would save. Plus, there would be no dead cap hit, so this feels like a move that will surely happen.

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