6 Patriots on the Trade Block Heading Into Training Camp

Which Patriots players could be on the trade block?
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3. Baileys Zappe, quarterback

There might not be a more obvious trade candidate on the Patriots' roster right now than quarterback Bailey Zappe, the former fourth-round pick out of Western Kentucky. Zappe has started eight games over the last two years with his most extensive action coming in the 2023 season.

Of course, the Patriots were a bit of a sinking ship last year, but Zappe held his own at times and played really well in a handful of games.

The Patriots went out and completely overhauled the quarterback position this offseason. They traded Mac Jones to the Jacksonville Jaguars, signed Jacoby Brissett in free agency, and drafted both Drake Maye and Joe Milton out of the strong 2024 rookie class.

It certainly has left Bailey Zappe in a purgatory of sorts, with the Patriots clearly needing to give reps to the other guys on the roster and any 'competition' involving Zappe being completely contrived. There's no reason why he's still on the roster at this point, but perhaps the Patriots are waiting for his value to go up with some strong joint practices or preseason games. Certainly, teams with injuries will come calling as their need arises.

There's undoubtedly a place somewhere for Zappe, likely as a team's QB2. He shouldn't be sitting as the fourth quarterback on anyone's depth chart. Zappe just turned 25 years old this offseason and with two more years on his rookie contract, the Patriots actually might be able to get something nice for him from a team dealing with injury issues.

I wouldn't be surprised if Zappe ended up starting a couple of games this year for some other team in the league.