6 Patriots Who Will Be Cut Next After Lawrence Guy and Adrian Phillips

Who will be up next on the chopping block for the Patriots?
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The New England Patriots have moved on from Bill Belichick in 2024, which means nobody on the roster is safe. Veterans defensive lineman Lawrence Guy and safety Adrian Phillips found that out the hard way and their departures have raised the question: Who will be next for the Patriots?

The NFL offseason is when teams reshuffle the deck, which means there will be a ton of player movement between now and the NFL Draft. Players will be cut for salary cap purposes, but teams will also be looking to make roster moves in order to open up playing time elsewhere for young guys who are coming up or draft picks coming in.

Who will the Patriots look to cut next after moving on from Guy and Phillips?

1. JC Jackson, CB

The New England Patriots graciously took JC Jackson back after he ended up being a complete failure as a big-money free agent signing with the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers gave Jackson a five-year deal worth $82.5 million and probably should have done a little more thinking about why the Patriots just let him get to the open market in the first place.

Jackson had a whopping 25 interceptions in his first four NFL seasons, including 15 in his final two years with the Patriots. The Chargers picked him up thinking they were getting a turnover machine, but Jackson instead struggled with injuries and off-field issues before the Patriots traded for him during last season.

Upon returning to the Patriots, Jackson allowed a QB rating of 107.8 into his coverage and wasn't much better than the year prior. With a salary cap hit of $14.375 million and no dead money, the Patriots could save a ton of money on the salary cap as well as probably just move on for good from Jackson.