Bill Belichick's New Book Won't Tell the Story Patriots Fans Want to Hear

Patriots fans have to wait a little longer to hear about Bill Belichick's story of the last two decades.
Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Bill Belichick era in New England is officially over and the Patriots are entering a different period, retrospectives about the two decades-plus of the dynasty are coming out regularly. "The Dynasty" documentary already received plenty of heat from ex-Patriots, who accused the series of being misleading and inaccurate.

Now, Patriots fans will be equally disappointed in Bill Belichick's new book, but for different reasons.

There was excitement among football fans that the legendary coach was going to provide insights about his Patriots tenure in his new book.

However, his book will not be an expose of Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, or the Patriots organization, according to Page Six. Instead, it will be "more of the business variety".

Patriots News: Bill Belichick's New Book Might Disappoint Fans

What that exactly means is unclear. Belichick or his publisher Inkwell Management declined to comment on the subject, but it does not sound like something that will be particularly interesting to Patriots fans.

Perhaps the 71-year-old is making sure to not throw anyone under the bus as he intends to continue a career in the NFL, whether as a coach or a media figure. We may have to wait a little longer, perhaps until his career is officially over, to get a detailed recounting of what transpired in Foxborough during his time.

What awaits the iconic figure in the next steps of his career remains to be seen. There have been talks about a media role, either with one of the broadcasters or with Peyton Manning, but nothing has materialized as of now.

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