Bill Belichick Responds Perfectly to Reporters' Questions About Job Security

Belichick was in top form as always.
Bill Belichick is already sick of all the questions about his job security.
Bill Belichick is already sick of all the questions about his job security. / Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since Bill Belichick took over the New England Patriots in 2000, his job security is being called into question on a weekly basis. And for someone who has often detested players who are distractions off the field, Belichick and his future with the organization have been a major hot-button topic all season.

That's what 2-7 and last place in the AFC will do for you. Belichick already seems to be getting tired of the same questions every week, though, based on his response to the latest round of job security questions after Sunday's loss to the Washington Commanders.

When pressed about his job status following the Patriots' latest disaster, Belichick gave his customary deflective answer, saying that he's only focused on the team's next game against the Indianapolis Colts in Frankfurt, Germany.

Is he, though? If Belichick's only focus these days is on getting New England ready for the next game, then he's doing an absolutely terrible job at it. The Pats are 2-7 and haven't won any games against non-divisional opponents, which doesn't bode well for this weekend's matchup overseas.

Whether he admits it or not, Belichick has a lot going on right now. He recently went through a breakup in his personal life (I can't imagine why) and is now under fire from all sides due to his team's poor performance. The daily criticism around New England has grown deafening, which has to be shocking for someone who hasn't heard much of it in over two decades.

It'd be nice if Belichick was coaching for his job -- then he and his team might actually show some urgency for once. Instead, they keep getting off to slow starts every week, battle back, then ultimately fall short in the end. It's the same movie over and over with the exact same ending.

Unfortunately for the Patriots and their fans, they're stuck with Belichick for the foreseeable future. He already signed a multi-year contract extension last offseason and apparently wants to keep coaching until he breaks Don Shula's all-time wins record.

Until that happens or he gets fired, don't expect our tight-lipped overlord to say anything different.

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