5 Patriots Who Have Played Their Way Out of the Team’s 2024 Plans

Which New England Patriots players already have one foot out the door?

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4. Mac Jones, QB

The decline of Mac Jones from 2021 to today has been nothing short of staggering. Remember when Mac Jones made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, and some people were saying he should have been a top-five pick in that year's NFL Draft?

Jones is currently on pace to have the worst season of his professional career. His touchdown percentage (3.1 percent) is the lowest it's been in three seasons. His interception percentage (3.1 percent) is the highest it's been since he got into the NFL.

I don't know at this point if a change of scenery is going to do it for Mac Jones, but maybe. He has been horrible, but so has the supporting cast. It might just be way beyond the point of salvaging Jones's career as a member of the Patriots. I think he will be changing teams in 2024 almost certainly.

5. JC Jackson, CB

The New England Patriots let JC Jackson leave in 2022 free agency, and the Los Angeles Chargers signed him to a massive deal worth nearly $90 million in total money, and moved on from him shortly into his second year with the team.

There are some off-field, personal issues going on at the moment with JC Jackson, but the Patriots acquired him in spite of those things and are now dealing with the consequences of it. Hopefully, Jackson is able to get the help he needs, but it is safe to say that the ball-hawking cornerback has played his way out of the team's 2024 plans.

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