Rob Gronkowski Latest Take on Bill Belichick Will Haunt Patriot Fans

"I think we would still be playing for the New England Patriots and winning Super Bowls."
AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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Since his legendary run as head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots came to an end, the public has begun to see Bill Belichick beyond his famously humdrum and dreary "Dr. Gloom" personality.

Unemployed Bill Belichick has been far more entertaining, as he has not been afraid to finally unleash some of his personality. Belichick has appeared on Pat McAfee's draft night show, rolled up to the roast of Tom Brady, and gave a speech at Tom Brady's Patriots Hall of Fame induction to a rousing ovation. His love life has also made headlines in recent weeks.

Several Patriots fans have been enjoying the rebranded Belichick. Well, Pats fans aren't the only ones. Legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski, appearing on Julian Edelman's "Games With Names" podcast, has also been enjoying the new Belichick, while offering a take that will kick New England fans in the gut:

"I think Coach Belichick may be my new favorite person ever since the roast. If he just showed that personality at all while he was coach, I think we would still be playing for the New England Patriots and winning Super Bowls."

Rob Gronkowski via "Games With Names"

Gronkowski's comment that "we would still be playing for the New England Patriots and winning Super Bowls" is the ultimate "what could have been" thought for Pats fans. The future Hall of Famer initially retired from football in 2019 at only 29, a decision that clearly resulted from his negative experiences within the walls of One Patriot Place. In "The Dynasty" documentary, Gronkowski spoke about sitting in his car and dreading going into the building while he was with the Patriots.

After the documentary's release, several players were critical of how the producers portrayed their comments. The former Patriots felt that director Matthew Hamachek had omitted much of their positive reminiscence in favor of pushing a drama-infused narrative.

He would remain retired for 2019 before linking back up with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, where the pair would link back up to hoist another Lombardi Trophy with the Bucs, a tough pill to swallow for many Patriots diehards. If Gronkowski means what he said, that banner could be hanging in Gillette Stadium.

Gronkowski eventually came to his former coach's defense on MassLive's "Eye on Foxborough" Podcast in early March:

"It was very sad to see Coach Belichick go, because there wouldn’t have been a dynasty, there wouldn’t have been 20-plus years of a winning culture in New England without Coach Belichick. He set the standard. Coach Belichick was the standard. Without him, none of this was possible. There’s no doubt about that. To see him go was sad. I mean, I had a tear. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today."

Rob Gronkowski

Would a little more easy-going Belichick actually have kept Gronkowski and co. in New England? Who knows. But it is some damning testimony from one of the key icons in the second half of the Patriots dynasty.

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