Rumors of Rift Between Tom Brady and Infamous Trainer Alex Guerrero Emerge

Rumors of a possible rift between Tom Brady and infamous personal trainer Alex Guerrero have emerged.
Rumors of a possible rift between Tom Brady and infamous personal trainer Alex Guerrero have emerged. / Elsa/GettyImages

Tom Brady's incredible 23-year NFL career didn't go on without some controversy. Aside from the trouble the New England Patriots got into on or around the field, Brady's close relationship with personal trainer Alex Guerrero caused friction at various points.

Despite the Patriots attempting to reduce his influence, though, Brady remained steadfast in his loyalty to Guerrero. The two even went on to create the TB12 businesses together, which included opening facilities, several books and a line of workout gear.

However, with the quarterback now enjoying his retirement, rumors of possible trouble in paradise have popped up.

The buzz began after a tweet from former NESN host Dale Arnold, who said he was "hearing" that Brady and Guerrero would no longer be in business together. Arnold noted TB12 facilities "seem to be closing" and "there may be a new business model for Brady."

The Boston Globe's Ben Volin then shared a statement from Guerrero, who didn't exactly deny the report of a split coming. He simply said they're still in buisness at this moment.

Then Wednesday morning, Mike Kadlick of WEEI confirmed the split is real. The TB12 brand is being spun off into TBRx, while Brady gets out.

Kadlick's source states that while Brady and his longtime trainer still "very much" get along, "the business side of TB12 was not working in Brady’s favor, and he sold off most of his share of the company close to a year ago."

It's not a shock to see the the TB12 brand fall off as Brady's star power faded in his final season. The all-time talent went out on a particularly disappointing note, showing that Father Time does catch up to everyone, eventually.

With Brady now able to pay closer attention to his personal life and buisness interests, it's unsurprising that he's shaking things up. He deserves to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and if the TB12 brand wasn't generating money, there's no point to keep going.

It remains to be seen if Brady tries to distance himself from Guerrero as the two head on different paths in the QB's post-NFL life.

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