Tom Brady Getting All Kinds Of Love On Twitter


With Tom Brady‘s potential four-game suspension officially wiped off the map yesterday, the love and support for the QB has come like a tidal wave. Patriots fans gathered at Gillette Stadium last night for a preseason game against the Giants that felt much more like a party, with Brady jerseys everywhere and signs supporting Judge Berman’s candidacy for president.

The Twitterverse had its own celebration as well, with Brady supporters squeezing as much love as they could into 140 characters. Here are some choice examples.

Such a fantastic picture. These two Boston sports legends have seven titles between them, and the stage is now set for Brady’s pursuit of ring number five, as his shirt not-at-all-subtly references.

Doug Ellin, creator of the HBO series Entourage, retweeted this shortly after the announcement was made. The declaration is character Johnny Drama’s go-to catchphrase, and was certainly echoed across New England yesterday. Brady appeared both on Ellin’s show and in the film version, which hit theaters earlier this summer.

Nice to see Brady’s ex showing her support, and I’m completely with her about moving on. Deflategate has been dominating the NFL conversation for far too long. Not entirely sure what she means about ‘private texts,’ but I’m assuming her conversations with Brady somehow got wrapped up in the investigation. Brady wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, declined to comment on the ruling on Twitter.

Actor Chris Evans, a Massachusetts native, really nailed it describing what to expect from Brady this season. It’s hard to believe, but Brady’s motivation could be at an all-time high heading into his 16th season.

Yesss!!! Trump definitely earned himself some votes with this one.

And one more for all our readers out there who are also enthralled by the latest season of Bachelor In Paradise. We know you’re out there.

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