Xander Bogaerts is Next Big Boston Red Sox Star


In a season where little has gone right for the Boston Red Sox, the play of young shortstop Xander Bogaerts is certainly something for the franchise to be excited about. With a .323/.355/.424 slash line, incredible defensive skill at the most important position on the diamond and great base-running ability and awareness, Bogaerts may be the best overall shortstop in the American League.

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To think, just one year ago, the Red Sox had no idea what they had in Bogaerts. He was always a highly ranked prospect, but he struggled in his first full season in the majors. Bogaerts only hit .240/.297/.362 last season, and spent a lot of time playing third base.

Bogaerts is never going to be an elite power hitter, but his bat certainly brings enough to warrant value at shortstop. At third base however, Bogaerts is never going hit for enough power as you would like to see for the position. The Red Sox seemed hesitant to give Bogaerts consistent time at shortstop last season, and with his lack of power, that was concerning.

Fortunately, Bogaerts has put all of those concerns to rest, and now looks like a legitimate star in the making. He has his limitations as a player. His power is never going to be special, and he could certainly stand to be more patient at the plate. That being said, Bogaerts clearly has a hit tool that is at an elite level. He has incredible bat control, knowing how to place the ball where he wants it.

Bogaerts may not have huge power, but successfully places hard line drives throughout the field consistently. He has an obvious ability to hit for average. While scouts today are always looking for a power and on-base combination of skills, high-contact hitters like Bogaerts are becoming a rare-breed. Perhaps that will make him even more valuable as time moves along.

Currently sitting with a batting average of .323, Bogaerts trails only Miguel Cabrera for the American League batting title. While he is unlikely to make up the 11 point difference between the two, it is an impressive statistic for the young Boston shortstop.

No matter how you look at it, Bogaerts is a gold glove caliber shortstop who was a serious contender for the batting title this season. With no signs of any of that changing in the near future, Bogaerts has star potential written all over him, and could quickly become the face of the Boston Red Sox.

NOTE: Happy birthday Xander Bogaerts! The Red Sox’s star shortstop turned 23-years-old today.

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