Boston Red Sox: Who on the Roster is a Tradeable Commodity This Offseason?

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These players are fringe major league players–the bottom of the major league roster–who are perfectly fine in their role but if an upgrade is available it should be investigated. They are throw-ins in a trade.

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Not surprisingly, these are the Red Sox bullpen arms who cycled through during the season and show why the ‘pen is in such desperate need of an upgrade. Workman went under the knife and is looking at 2017 for a expected return to form. Layne is a typical lefty specialist and upgrades are going to be available.

Wright is 30 years old and still yo-yoing between Boston and Pawtucket. The picture is clear on what he is and that’s a fringe fill-in at best. Hembree and Machi are fine when you have no other options and are not in the pennant race, but neither is putting a team over the top.

Matt Barnes and Noe Ramirez may be the only two to move out of this group, as they still may have some untapped potential. However, while both have shown the ability to get minor league hitters out, neither has that one pitch to throw with two strikes and get major league hitters out in the late innings. If another team is interested, Dombrowski should not hesitate to include them to sweeten a trade.

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