Bill Belichick Chosen as Best Head Coach in NFL


Ever since Bill Belichick arrived in Foxborough, the New England Patriots have been one of the most disciplined and prepared teams in the entire NFL. Belichick is always ready for everything on the football field, and his Patriots’ teams are a reflection of that, and it is undoubtedly a huge reason why they have taken home four Super Bowl trophies with the team under his control.

There are a lot of strong coaches in the NFL that deserve a lot of praise. There are great offensive minds who can find the latest strategic ways to move the ball down the field, strong defensive coaches who can create pressure and chaos to even the strongest offensive units and coaches can get players motivated to do anything for their team.

These kind of elite coaches are scattered throughout the NFL, but none of them are as effective and influential as Belichick. Because of his impact on the league and pure domination as a coach, Belichick was ranked as the best coach in the league by Chris Chase of USA Today. Say what you want about his demeanor or the controversies surrounding the team, but Belichick was the clear choice to top this list.

Here is what Chase had to say about his leading man:

"There are about 100 things you could say about Bill Belichick, the NFL head coach, and about 98 would be negative (with at least half including the letters C-H-E-A-T-E-R-). But the first thing you’d say is the easiest: He is, by far, the greatest coach of his generation. It would have been interesting to see how his legacy might have taken a hit if Seattle didn’t hand his Pats the Super Bowl last year (he’d “only” be 3-3 in the big game had Seattle won) but that’s a moot point now. Though I doubt history will put him on the same level as innovators Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh or Joe Gibbs, he’s surely one of the five best coaches in history and could retire with the most Super Bowls of any coach."

By far the greatest coach of his generation, and before it is all said and done, Belichick could possibly be considered the best coach in the history of the league.

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin comes in directly behind Belichick, with Pete Carroll, Andy Reid and Mike Tomlin rounding out the top five. As for the rest of the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills’ Rex Ryan comes in at number 12, followed closely by Todd Bowles of the New York Jets at 14. Miami Dolphins interim coach Dan Campbell was chosen at number 28.

Washington Redskins’ Jay Gruden, Jacksonville Jaguars’ Gus Bradley and Detroit Lions’ Jim Caldwell rounded out the list as the three worst coaches in the NFL.

Belichick is great, but we all knew that already. His name should top any list like this, and it is no surprise to see him leading the pack here.

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