Boston Celtics: Which Jersey to Buy? (POLL)


Full disclosure here: I am not a life-long Boston Celtics fan. I am however, a life-long New England Patriots fan which is what originally brought me to Chowder and Champions. I have always followed the NBA closely, but have never really jumped on to a specific team. I always just find myself rooting for the underdogs, with half of an eye towards the Chicago Bulls based on my proximity to the city.

I started following the Celtics’ rebuild closely a few years back, because a team tearing the roster down to the studs and going all-in on a rebuild is intriguing to me. Especially one that has such a rich history like the Celtics. The hiring of Brad Stevens continued to grab my attention, as did selecting Marcus Smart in the draft.

I grew to enjoy watching the Celtics last season, especially after the acquisitions of Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder. Stevens is building such a deep and tough roster, and I was definitely taking notice. Taking the position of Editor at Chowder and Champions simply pushed me over the edge. With no former NBA allegiance, I am officially jumping on the bandwagon and am becoming a Celtics’ fan.

Since taking the position over here at Chowder and Champions, I have been doing a lot of homework on the team, and I love what I see.

The off season additions of David Lee and Amir Johnson are going to help this team tremendously, Smart looks to be coming into his own, Tyler Zeller is becoming a solid starting center, Crowder and Avery Bradley are amazing defensive players with offensive upside, Kelly Olynyk is an exciting big man prospect, the rookie class is intriguing, the future draft pick capital is incredibly exciting and I could go on and on and on.

There is a lot of exciting things going on with the Boston Celtics, and I am on board; both on a professional level, and as a fan. With my new fandom, I realized the other day that I need some Celtics’ apparel to show my pride. I quickly got online and ordered a couple of basic Celtics’ shirts (which I hope will be here before the regular season opener).

I know my collection of Celtics’ apparel will grow throughout the season, and subsequent years, but I feel like I need to get a jersey right away. Unless I am going to a game, I rarely wear jerseys, but I feel like they are something that every serious fan should have for their favorite team.

With such a deep roster filled with so many exciting players, I simply cannot figure out who to pick. Which is why I am coming to you, my Chowder and Champions faithful. Which Celtics’ jersey should I buy?

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I am looking for some help here. Isaiah Thomas was the player who immediately came to mind. I love his game, he is a fun player and he has a cool number. However, who knows how long he will be around? I think the Celtics would be wise to keep him around for the long-term, but I could also see him getting packaged in a trade down the line.

Marcus Smart was the next to come to mind. I was a huge Smart fan when he was at Oklahoma State, and absolutely love the tenacity he brings to the court. If anybody on this current roster becomes a star, Smart is probably the guy, plus he isn’t going anywhere for a while. He would make a solid choice, but the number 36 seems so odd and random to me.

Speaking of odd and random numbers, Jae Crowder’s number 99 is another option I am considering. I love the way Crowder plays the game on both ends of the court, and think he has huge upside for this team going forward. Stevens clearly knows how to use him, and I think the Celtics have really found a nice player in Crowder.

I also kind of like the idea of Amir Johnson, David Lee and Kelly Olynyk for different reasons, but Thomas, Smart and Crowder are the leaders in the clubhouse. Heck, maybe even Larry Bird. Every Celtics’ fan needs a Larry Bird jersey, right? And I am all-in on this fandom, but it’s not like I can relate to how great Larry Bird was. I was extremely young when he retired, and I am a brand new fan.

I want to get this first jersey selection right, so I am calling in the reinforcements. Help me out! Which Celtics’ jersey should I purchase as a new fan? Vote in the poll below, and let me know why you think, what you think in the comment section.

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