Boston Celtics: Takeaways from Loss to Toronto Raptors


The Boston Celtics dropped their first game of the season with a 113-103 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Friday night. The Celtics (1-1) and the Raptors (2-0) were neck in neck throughout the first half, finishing the first half tied at 54. Unfortunately, it was an uninspiring second half that was the difference maker in Boston’s loss.

The Celtics fell behind as many as 19 points in the second half, but cut the lead to 9 after an Avery Bradley 3-pointer with 1:54 left in the fourth quarter. Boston could not complete the comeback, as time was a factor. Here are three takeaways from the Celtics’ disappointing loss to the Raptors:

#4 Does it Again

Isaiah Thomas was Boston’s best player for the second straight game. Thomas scored 25 points off the bench on 7/16 shooting and had seven dimes in the loss. He did a terrific job at getting to the line where he made 10/11 free throws.

Thomas’ performance was much-needed on a night where the Celtics did themselves no favors with their sub-par shooting. Two games into the season, Thomas is already making his case for the all-star game in Toronto. Keep it up Isaiah!

Fouls on Fouls on Fouls

First, let me make this clear: the excessive amount of fouls called did not cost the Celtics the game, but it definitely did not help. There were two factors that led to a foul-laden game (61 in total) where both teams shot a combined 76 free throws.

The officiating was mediocre at best. It got to the point in the Celtics broadcast where Celtics legend Tommy Heinsohn could not think of any more ways to criticize the officials (this is an impressive feat for Heinsohn).

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Yes, the refs were a bit trigger happy with blowing their whistles and making calls, but the Celtics were also too aggressive at times on defense. The team committed 28 personal fouls in a tightly officiated game and will need to adjust their gameplay in the future.


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Boston’s starters struggled to find their shot to begin the game, which was a theme for the remainder of the contest. The team shot only 37.5% (9-24) from the field in the first quarter. Could this mean that Brad Stevens moves away from the David Lee and Tyler Zeller frontcourt, which has produced limited offense and underwhelming defense.

Fortunately for the Celtics, the Raptors couldn’t pull away in the first half and managed to shoot only 32.5% from the field, but thrived from 3-point range where they made 7-17 (41.7%).

In the second half, the Celtics’ shooting percentage dipped, while the Raptors’ skyrocketed. The Celtics shot 34.1% from the field in the second half, while the Raptors shot 54.8%. Most notably for the Celtics, Marcus Smart and Evan Turner both struggled to produce any sort of offense with each player mustering 2/11 shooting from the field. The Celtics need someone in addition to Isaiah Thomas to be a consistent scorer on a nightly basis.

This play sums up the Celtics game entirely.

The Raptors will are the favorites in the Atlantic Division this season, and it is disappointing to see the Celtics fall to them without much of a battle like they did here. The Celtics are a talented team, but if they wish to be among the best in the Eastern Conference, they need to find a way to consistently compete with teams like the Raptors.