New England Revolution: Changes Must be Made


And just like that, it’s over.

The New England Revolution’s campaign for the 2015 MLS Cup came to a swift and abrupt end Wednesday night as the Revs fell 2-1 to DC United in the nation’s capital.

Didn’t see that one coming! Just kidding. Of course I saw that coming. We all saw that coming…almost seven months ago!

This front office is completely incompetent. In reality, incompetent may be the wrong word as it would imply that they were actually trying to win a championship. This front office is the definition of mediocrity: settling for anything and everything but the best. As a life-long Revs fan, I am not sure how much more I can take.

We all know the source of this frustration. It’s the guy who gets mistaken for the country’s top macaroni and cheese seller. That is exactly the problem with being a supporter of this club; it’s all HIS. He can do whatever he pleases with it.

In a modern world where the majority of top division clubs in the world are owned by a wealthy few, this frustration is natural. The system isn’t going anywhere, so we have to deal with it.

However, when you have an ownership group that does not cater to true supporters and creates a disconnect between the club and supporters’ desires, you do not have true football. What is left is a business entity using soccer to appeal to the casuals for a quick buck.

We had literally all season to pick up a new defender after learning of AJ Soares’s departure last off-season. Not only did we not patch up the back line, but we also failed to sign a single soul in the summer transfer window: the only team in the whole league to do so.

So what had the front office been up to?

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I have absolutely no clue. It just boggles me that an organization can acknowledge a vital flaw in its team’s lineup and fail to fix it given all whole season’s span of time. Did they think the giant hole in our backline would just disappear on its own?

This is the kind of disconnect that I am talking about. The front office is held accountable by no one. Sure, the die-hards will get angry. But will anyone actually do anything about it? No, they will not.

The front office will continue catering to the casual “soccer mom” fan, fielding an inferior team, and enjoying the revenue from those who are foolish enough to renew their season tickets year after year – even after proclaiming their discontent with the club.

This isn’t a club. This is a franchise. And that is quite alright taken into the context of soccer globalization. However, when ownership of the franchise decides to ignore the demands of its true supporters for the exploitation of the casual soccer consumer, those same supporters must take action.

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We have been voicing our frustration over this organization for almost 20 years once we realized Kraft did not take this team to heart. Twenty years later the organization is still run in the same mediocre manner with no MLS championships to its name.

Fellow supporters, I beg of you, take action! Stop renewing your season tickets. Stop attending home matches. Boycott this lousy product Kraft has been shoving down our throats for the past two decades.

Personally, I have limited the amount of games I attend per year, and I can assure you, that number is almost zero. I have been to more away games this season than I have home games simply because I do not want my money going to Revs ownership.

Instead of constantly fretting and falling for the same scheme year-after-year, I encourage you all to follow suit and stop consuming this “product.” Because, in the end, that is all it is to ownership, and you are the consumer.