Patriots: Five Free Agent WR Targets After Edelman Injury

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Terrelle Pryor

Jul 30, 2015; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor (87) catches a pass during training camp at the Cleveland Browns practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The three players mentioned above would all likely be quick short-term options to help the Patriots get by without the services of Edelman. If they are interested in signing quarterback turned wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, it could not only help them now, but in the future.

Pryor had some NFL success at the quarterback position, but after bouncing around the league a bit through the off season, the Cleveland Browns took a shot at him as a wide receiver. Pryor has the size (6-foot-5, 232 pounds), speed (sub-4.4 40-yard dash coming out of college) and athleticism that scouts dream of at the position, but his skills are extremely raw.

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Pryor has the looks of a wide receiver, but he has never really played the position before. The Browns gave him a chance to prove himself, and he obviously showed enough to stick around for a while, but once they had a tough decision to make, they did not hesitate to let him go.

The measurables on a player is always fun to dream on, and Pryor certainly has everything you would want at the position. That being said, it is hard to imagine him succeeding at a brand-new position this far into his NFL career.

After Pryor was released by the Browns back in September, the Patriots were the first team to call him in for a workout. They passed on offering him a contract, and Pryor has gone to four other workouts without receiving a contract since, but that shows that the team was at least curious on what he could do.

According to Ashley Fox of ESPN, Pryor is now working on his trade as an NFL receiver. He has been working out with NFL stars Antonio Brown and Mike Evans, and the suspended Josh Gordon. Even more notable, Pryor has been working closely with NFL legend and former Patriots’ star Randy Moss.

With all of that WR ability working with Pryor, I think it is fair to think he has probably improved since the Patriots last worked him out. I do not know if he could actually come in and help fill the absence of Edelman, but working with Moss simply must have helped Pryor grow as a receiver.

He has all of the skills to make a mark in the NFL as a wide receiver, and the Patriots obviously had interest at one time. What would it hurt to have him come in and workout again? Might as well see what he can do, now that you have an obvious need.

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