Red Sox Rumors: Boston to be Highest Bidder on David Price


Recent Boston Red Sox rumors suggest that the team will be the highest bidder on free agent starting pitcher David Price.

With the team having an obvious need for an ace pitcher, Boston Red Sox rumors surrounding David Price have been on fire all off season. Price is the premier free agent starting pitcher on the market, and the Red Sox not only have the money to spend, but he would fill the largest hole on their roster.

Add in the notion that Boston’s president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski is aggressive by nature, and you can see why the Red Sox and Price are constantly being connected.

The Red Sox have been considered the favorites for Price by some, and earlier this week it was reported that Dombrowski is ready to go “All in” to acquire Price. Now, according to Buster Olney of ESPN, it is expected around the league that Boston will put in the highest offer for Price.

This does not mean that Price will choose to go to the Red Sox, but obviously if the are to put in the highest offer, the Red Sox will be majorly involved in the decision. Free agents typically take the highest offer, but that is not always the case. Olney immediately pointed to former Boston ace Jon Lester going to the Chicago Cubs last off season, despite the San Francisco Giants offering the largest contract.

The Red Sox clearly have a strong interest in acquiring Price, but Price’s personal interest in the team has been quiet. Earlier in the off season, Price’s preference appeared to be signing with the Cubs.

Price had a ton of success with Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon when they were both with the Tampa Bay Rays, and the two seem to have an extremely strong relationship. The Cubs also play in the National League, and Price has always talked about wanting to play there because of his love for hitting.

The Cubs have a starting pitching need, but they seem more likely to acquire a SP through trade with their young offensive surplus and/or through the less expensive free agent market. I am sure the Cubs will seriously consider shelling out the dough for Price, but after going all out on Jon Lester last season, it does not seem like a Theo Epstein move to give out major money to an aging SP in back-to-back seasons.

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The Cubs/Price talk has cooled down recently, but recent reports of the Toronto Blue Jays being “far and away” Price’s first choice is probably not exactly what the Red Sox want to hear.

Returning to the Blue Jays will always make sense for Price. He seemed comfortable in his half season there, he knows the teams he is competing against very well and Toronto is clearly in win now mode. The Blue Jays do not typically spend huge in free agency, but after giving up a big haul of prospects to acquire Price at the deadline, they may be more willing to do so here.

As far as the Red Sox and Price rumors go, they have been extremely one-sided. The Red Sox clearly have a strong interest in bringing in Price, but his interest in Boston has not been noted. That does not mean that Price automatically will not go to Boston, does not like the Red Sox or anything like that. But I do think it is fair to suggest that the Red Sox are clearly not his favorite option.

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If the money is close, I would imagine that Price ends up back with the Blue Jays. However, the Red Sox appear to be ready to give Price a massive contract offer. If it is significantly larger than what the Blue Jays, or any other team for that matter, are offering, the Red Sox may quickly become Price’s favorite suitor.

We all know that in life, money talks, and there are few places where that is more obvious than MLB free agency. Red Sox rumors suggest that they are ready to put their money where their mouth is, and that will at least give Boston a seat at the table.