Red Sox Rumors: Boston Shopping Hanley Ramirez?


Recent Boston Red Sox rumors suggest that the team is looking to trade infielder Hanley Ramirez.

The Boston Red Sox signed Hanley Ramirez to a four-year, $88 million free agent contract last season. Following a debut year where he hit .249/.291/.426 while playing awful defense in the outfield, Ramirez’s contract currently looks like one the Red Sox would love to unload.

So, allow me to not be too surprised to hear that the Red Sox are looking to shop Ramirez this off season, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

Cafardo specifically mentions the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners and Los Angles Angels as team with interest in Ramirez. I am sure the Red Sox would love nothing more than to have someone take Ramirez and his contract off of their hands. The problem is, nobody is going to do that.

Ramirez could undoubtedly bounce back after a down year last season. He has always been a great hitter, and 2015 did seem like a bit of an outlier. That being said, at $22 million per season, that is a tough sell. I am sure AL teams with a DH opening would love to take a shot on Ramirez, but they are not going to give up anything of value to do so. It would simply be a flyer.

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If the Red Sox trade Ramirez, they will have to eat a lot of that contract, plus they are not looking at getting much in return. If someone is truly willing to take a risk on Ramirez, the Red Sox would undoubtedly love to unload him. That being said, I find them getting any sort of value for him extremely unlikely.

The Red Sox are probably stuck with Ramirez this season, and will have to find room for him to play.

Less than 24 hours after the trade rumors surfaced, Red Sox management let it be known that they have faith in Ramirez. According to Rob Bradford of WEEI, who cites a “high-ranking team source” in saying that, “He (Ramirez) is going to be our first baseman.”

Does this really mean anything in regards to the trade rumors? Probably not. Just because they conveniently leaked a comment about their faith in Ramirez does not mean they would not trade him if anybody was willing. The issue is, nobody wants to give up anything for him, and the Red Sox know it.

So, Boston is likely to enter 2016 with Hanley Ramirez as their starting first baseman. Coming off of major shoulder injuries, hopefully Ramirez can handle a position he has barely played in the past while trying to turn things back around offensively. Seems relatively unlikely to me.

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If they can just get through 2016, Ramirez can step in as the team’s DH following David Ortiz‘s retirement after the season.

Do the Red Sox want to trade Ramirez? Probably. But it is extremely unlikely that anyone bites at their bait. Shop him all you want, but anyone with any sort of sense will not be buying Ramirez, unless there is a steep discount.