Boston Celtics 2016-17 Player Report Card: Jaylen Brown

Rookie Jaylen Brown proved to Boston Celtics fans the tools he has to make it in the NBA this past season. 2017-18 should be even better.

Jaylen Brown had an extremely productive and positive rookie season with the Boston Celtics in 2016-17. His role off the bench continued to develop as the year went on, and he showed his skills off to the entire NBA world in the playoffs.

Brown appeared in 78 games for the Celtics, even starting 20. He averaged 17.2 minutes on the floor each night and he put up 6.6 points with 2.8 rebounds and 0.8 assists. Per 36 minutes, that comes out to 13.8 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 1.7 assists.

In the playoffs, Brown’s numbers were pretty similar to the regular season. Though he statistically didn’t blow anyone away this season, his athleticism did. Jaylen Brown can simply fly. He gets so high above the rim, even when you least expect it.

A human highlight reel

JB’s athleticism and work ethic set him apart from other rookies. His athleticism was on display in his best game of the season against the Los Angeles Lakers as he took an alley-oop off of the backboard from Isaiah Thomas.

Guess what though? That wasn’t Jaylen Brown’s best play in the game.

In that game, Brown went for 16 points and 8 rebounds. Brown will continue to grow in the NBA and his athleticism will allow him to become a dominant player. A natural small forward, Brown’s versatility was also on display this season. He was able to play some power forward when needed, which allows Brad Stevens and the Celtics to mix and match their lineups.

JB wants to prove that he’s not just the “kid of the future”. The 20-year old sensation is a part of the present as well. Expect an even better NBA player next season in #7 for the green.

How JB can improve

At times when Jaylen Brown had the chance to show off his skills and make a difference, he instead would pass. There is nothing wrong with passing up a good shot for a great shot, but as time goes on I expect Brown to become even more proactive.

He’s talented on offense and defense, but his D could use a bit of an improvement.

These are small issues to have as a rookie, but if he can address them, Jaylen Brown is going to be a superstar in this league.

The Final Grade

I’m giving Jaylen Brown a B+. I expect him to be an A player next year. As a rookie, he played tremendously within his role.

I would like to see JB break out and take over at times on offense. He has the skills to do so. This grade is more about the small areas where I’d like to see him improve, rather than the many strengths he brought to the team. Overall, I don’t think a B+ is a bad grade for our future star in year one.

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