Matt Duchene trade could work for Boston Bruins

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 11: Matt Duchene
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 11: Matt Duchene /

For months the Matt Duchene rumors have involved the Boston Bruins. He wants out of Colorado, and they want to get rid of him. If this deal finally happens, what would Sweeney need to get in return to make it worthwhile?

Let me start this by saying I have been against this potential Boston Bruins deal for a long time. However, that’s not because of Duchene. He may be a center, but he can play LW, which we need. He also could become a future top six center for us if our current center prospects don’t pan out, so he isn’t the issue to me.

As many of you may know, this deal has centered around Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo. THAT is what I, and pretty much all other Bruins fans, are going crazy about.

Brandon Carlo is 20 years old and just finished a season playing along Boston’s No.1 defenseman, Zdeno Chara. Any time a player that young is able to step into a role of that magnitude, not to mention hold his own, you know he’s valuable.

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That’s the kind of player who can be a fixture on your blue line for the next ten to fifteen years, so maybe don’t trade him?

The only complaint that people have about Carlo is his lack of points. 16 points in 82 games played definitely not great, but remember, that’s not his game. Carlo is more of a defensive defenseman.

…but he’s not another Adam McQuaid.

He’s been a strong skating since he was drafted, so he’s mobile, which is a common complaint for the classic defensive defenseman. By combining that natural ability with his size, he’s 6’5″, Carlo projects as a modern shutdown top four defenseman.

It’s my firm belief that all good defensive units have balance. Going forward the Bruins top four is going to have both Krug and McAvoy as vital members. These guys are both very strong players, but they are not defensively minded.

There’s nothing wrong with that obviously. Both of them are exciting to watch, and I’m pumped to see them wear the black and gold going forward. I just want to make sure there is some yin to their yang.

ANAHEIM, CA – FEBRUARY 22: Nicolas Kerdiles
ANAHEIM, CA – FEBRUARY 22: Nicolas Kerdiles /

This is the reason I didn’t get too bummed about losing C. Miller in the expansion draft, or why I didn’t want Shattenkirk. Too many offensively minded players on one unit will lead to disaster.

Okay, Carlo can’t be in the deal, who can?

I’m gonna throw out a few options here, some more radical than others. By the way, I might lose some people here.

David Krejci: Here me out before you grab the pitchforks. In this scenario I would want to get something more back from Colorado, as Krejci is a more proven talent than Duchene. That doesn’t mean Duchene can’t be a better player for us.

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First of all, he’s five years younger and carries a cap hit of 6 million versus 7.25 million, which many claim is too high to Krejci. Sadly, this trade wouldn’t fill a need. It would be more of a hockey trade.

So would I pull the trigger on this? It would be a gamble for sure, but I might depending on the return. Also depends on whether or not you think Duchene fits this team better than Krejci.

BOSTON, MA – MARCH 21: David Krejci
BOSTON, MA – MARCH 21: David Krejci /

Jakub Zboril: It seems like the Avalanche want a defenseman. Zboril is a guy who’s role is less certain going forward compared to other prospects. Maybe he is someone who the Bruins could unload now in exchange for more immediate help.

I usually don’t want to mortgage the future for the now, but this deal could help the Boston Bruins now and going forward. It would fill the missing LW issue and wouldn’t hurt us too much on the back end. Plus Zboril is another offensive guy, and I’ve discussed my concerns with having too many of those.

Ryan Spooner: Obviously this deal would need to be sweetened with a few other assets, but it makes sense. The Bruins want to trade Spooner and the Avalanche feel the same way about Duchene. How big the gap between these two guys value wise is the main factor in whether or not it could work.

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Let me know your thoughts. I know people hate Carlo for Duchene, but I think it’s mostly the idea of losing Carlo, not adding Duchene.