Boston Celtics swingman Jaylen Brown to play in NBA’s Africa Game

CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 21: Jaylen Brown
CLEVELAND, OH - MAY 21: Jaylen Brown /

On August 5, 2017 the NBA will hold its second annual Africa game in Johannesburg, South Africa and Boston Celtics swingman Jaylen Brown will participate.

This game pits African born players against all the other chosen NBA players.  They put on a show for the international audience, and it truly proves that basketball has become the world’s game.  Amongst those who will represent Team World, Boston Celtics very own Jaylen Brown.

It’s only one day, but for basketball heads like myself and others, any type of NBA action in August is appreciated.  Also, what a great way for Celtics fans to get another look at Jaylen.  He got hurt in Summer League (thankfully it wasn’t serious).  Now he has an opportunity to show his skills on a much bigger stage.

Joining Jaylen Brown on Team World are players such as: Dirk Nowitzki, Kemba Walker, Kristaps Porzingis and CJ McCollum.  I’m personally very excited about this game, especially since Team Africa also has some big names.  Included in Team Africa are: Joel Embiid, Serge Ibaka, Victor Oladipo and Luol Deng.

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It’s going to be a treat for all of us to be able to see so much talent together.

Unlike the All-Star game, this has potential to be competitive.  I think that’s all NBA fans really want, good competition.  Even with the season starting a little earlier, that month of August is pretty brutal.

NBA officials Zach Zarba and James Capers will be there.  Also, head coaches Erik Spoelstra and Alvin Gentry will be present.  Raptors GM Masai Ujiri will be there.  Also, a fun little surprise is Ed Lacerte, now the former Celtics trainer, will be at this game keeping an eye on these guys.  It’ll be cool seeing Lacerte on an NBA court one more time.  He was such a big part of the Celtics for such a long time.

But let’s be real here guys, the biggest reason I’m going to be tuning in is because of Jaylen Brown.

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If you guys are anything like me, you can’t wait to see what else he can do.