Three thoughts on the Manny Machado to Boston Red Sox speculation

BOSTON, MA - MAY 3: A detail of the back of Manny Machado
BOSTON, MA - MAY 3: A detail of the back of Manny Machado /

With the Boston Red Sox in search of a power-hitting third baseman, conversation has begun swirling about a possible move for young slugger Manny Machado.

We only have ESPN’s Buster Olney to blame about even thinking about this possibility.  Up until Wednesday, Manny Machado joining the Boston Red Sox was a mere afterthought or for some even a silly idea.

Only silly because the Baltimore Orioles would be nuts to trade a young talent like Machado.  Even more nuts to trade him to their division rivals.  And with all the drama that occurred between the Red Sox and Machado earlier in the season, the idea of playing in Boston wouldn’t appear intriguing to the power-hitting talent.

Would it?

One wouldn’t think so, but such scenarios have happened before.  Before David Price made up with David Ortiz after joining the Sox, there was David Wells.  Let us not forget the numerous Red Sox players who have dissed friendly Fenway to dawn the pinstripes of the New York Yankees.

BALTIMORE, MD – APRIL 24: Manny Machado
BALTIMORE, MD – APRIL 24: Manny Machado /

In that respect, the idea Olney presented Wednesday on SportsCenter doesn’t seem as impossible.

"“If you know you’re probably not going to win in 2018, you might as well put Machado out there and see if you can draw a big offer from a team like the Red Sox, who right now have a big hole at third base,” Olney said.  “They have this terrific high-end prospect, Rafael Devers, down in their system, and maybe you coax the Red sox into putting Devers on the table for a year and a half of Manny Machado.  It’s something the Orioles should at least explore.”"

Three thoughts

My first reaction was “no way,” but in hearing all the commentary following Olney’s rumor starter, I formulated the following three thoughts.

Love and forget

The thought of giving up one of the few top prospects the Boston Red Sox have left is nauseating, but for a talent like Manny Machado?  The idea is intriguing if he could forgive being plunked by Red Sox pitching.

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He would also have to take back all the f-bombs he dropped about his new team.  Red Sox fans would certainly forgive him if those f-bombs turned into many bombs launched over the Green Monster.

Yeah, I guess I could see Manny Machado in a Red Sox uniform.

The Dan Duquette factor

There is no way the former Boston Red Sox executive would help his former team…right?  First thought is no way, but if he is dedicated to improving his ball team, he would do whatever it takes to improve the future of his team.

While Duquette has made it known that he has no intent of trading his position players, he may be smart to get what he can get now for Machado rather than lose him in free agency (perhaps to the Red Sox anyway).

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What would it take to land the young star?  Definitely Devers, but also one of their young outfielders.  Jackie Bradley Jr. would be the one that comes to mind.  As suggests, the Orioles could also ask for Xander Bogaerts.  But then, the Red Sox would turn a third base problem into a shortstop problem.

Wait till free agency 

While Boston Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski is unpredictable and fearless when it comes to big trades, I don’t see him making this one…at least right now.

Manny Machado would help put the Red Sox over the top this season, but with the personal history, he could hurt them just as much.  With that being said, if the Red Sox are truly interested in Machado, the would take their chances in free agency.

That way, if Machado wants to play in Boston, it would be his choice.  That means the team would have to wait until after the 2018 season.  At least then, they should know what they do or don’t have in Rafael Devers.

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Overall, I wouldn’t be opposed to Manny Machado.  As far as whether it is possible or not is up to Mr. Dan Duquette and Mr. Dave Dombrowski.  Whether it makes sense or not is something that may be up to Machado himself.  We could either get a Manny Ramirez type addition or a Pablo Sandoval multimillion-dollar failure.