How will Boston Red Sox fans welcome David Price at Fenway?

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 07: David Price /

Boston Red Sox starter, David Price makes first appearance at Fenway since details of his verbal altercation with Dennis Eckersley were released to the public earlier this week.

It was earlier this week that Boston Red Sox nation was better aware of what exactly went down in the team’s charter plane between David Price and former Sox pitcher, Dennis Eckersley.

Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe reported a more in depth description regarding the events that took place in Boston’s charter plane to Toronto on June 29th.

According to Shauhnessy’s report, Price yelled “get the [expletive] out of here” several times to Eckersley as he entered and made his way around the plane. This coming after Price yelled ““Here he is — the greatest pitcher who ever lived! This game is easy for him!’’.

When asked about the confrontation, David Price replied “some people just don’t understand how hard this game is”.  An indication that Hall of Fame pitcher, Dennis Eckersley doesn’t understand how hard baseball is.

In Price’s defense

According to Price, his actions were in defense of teammate, Eduardo Rodriguez, who was in Double-A Pawtucket making a rehab start.

Eckersely expressed his dissatisfaction with Rodriguez’ outing in his minor league start by replying “yuck” when reviewing his final pitching line.

Another notable and quite frankly shocking detail would be the report of second baseman, Dustin Pedroia applauding Price for his constructed ambush of Eckersley.

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Earlier this season we saw Pedroia throw teammate, Matt Barnes, under the bus when he plunked Orioles third baseman Manny Machado for sliding into Pedroia on a double play.

Pedrioia is in no doubt the un-named captain of this ball club, however he lacks the leadership qualities that this team once had in David Ortiz.

Now let’s determine whether or not Dennis Eckersley is “worthy” of implying his input and criticism to this under performing Red Sox team.

ANAHEIM, CA – JULY 21: David Price
ANAHEIM, CA – JULY 21: David Price /

Dennis Eckersley’s credentials:

  • World Series Champion (1989)
  • American League MVP (1992)
  • American League Cy Young Award Winner (1992)
  • AL Championship Series (1989)
  • 6-time All-Star (1977, 82, 88, 90, 91, 92)
  • 2004 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee

Considering all the achievements along side Eckersely, it is fair to say that he indeed has an understanding of “how hard” playing major league baseball is. He has more credentials to his name than anybody in the Red Sox clubhouse and is a winner.

Eckersley Postseason Stats (28 appearances)

  • Record: 1-3
  • ERA: 3.00
  • 36.0 innings pitched
  • 15 saves

David Price Postseason Stats (15 appearances)

  • Record: 2-8
  • ERA: 5.54
  • 66.2 innings pitched

There is no debate who the better pitcher is between Price and Eckersely, especially in the postseason.  And as any sports  knows, the playoffs is where games matter the most.

To even conceive the very notion that someone as respected and honored as Dennis Eckersely doesn’t know “how hard” it is to play baseball, is not only foolish, but absurd.

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My personal take/reaction

With the combination of the recent poor on field performance and deteriorating first place lead, the last thing this Red Sox team should be concerned about is Eckersley’s broadcast comments.

Boston has continued to self-expose their mental weakness and thin skinned approach to every ounce of criticism directed there way.

Since July 4th, Boston has posted a 7-12 record and have dropped their American League East, 1st place lead to just a game over the New York Yankees and 2 over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Point blank, the Boston Red Sox solution to overcoming their off field nonsense and immature antics is to simply win ball games.  Furthermore, they need to put aside all of the media criticism in which you deserve and let wins fire back.

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Overall it should be interesting to see how the Fenway Park crowd welcomes David Price tomorrow night.  Especially, now that they are aware of the nature of his off field antics.