Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart is emerging as a leader

BOSTON, MA - MAY 10: Marcus Smart
BOSTON, MA - MAY 10: Marcus Smart /

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart is heading into his fourth season, and he’s showing that he can be a leader.

Marcus Smart has driven Boston Celtics fans nuts with his up and down play the past few years.  He’s a defensive beast, but his offense needs a lot of work.  The good part is he’s improved and continues to do so.

Personally, I think Marcus is the ideal sixth man for this team.  He’s a defensive stopper who you can even start if you’d like.  However, he’s learned to take control of the second unit and I think he’s a big part of that second team’s success.

When Marcus Smart came into the league, he was the starting point guard. Well, Rajon Rondo had to be traded first, but Smart took that role after Rondo departed.  He was so raw, but it’s easy to see why Ainge and co. picked him.

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Avery Bradley will sorely be missed, but Marcus Smart is a fantastic defensive player. Honestly, I have never seen a guy rip the ball out of an opponents’ hands the way Marcus does.

He came up big in the Cleveland series

Smart hit six three pointers that night without Isaiah Thomas, and it helped keep the C’s afloat.  I really believe Smart has become integral to Boston’s success. You need a guy like him if you’re making a title run.  Hopefully, the Celtics can extend him before he hits restricted free agency next summer.

I think this is the season Marcus Smart will flourish.  His comfort level running that second unit is very high, and from what we know he’s been working on his game all summer.

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It’s going to be a fun season in Boston, and if the C’s want to make it back to the finals, Marcus Smart is going to be a big part of it.