More Boston Red Sox nicknames revealed for MLB Players Weekend jerseys

BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 3: Andrew Benintendi
BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 3: Andrew Benintendi /

Major League Baseball has released the nicknames that will appear on the back of jerseys during the first Players Weekend, from August 25th to 27th.

Nicknames are an integral part of baseball’s appeal and the Boston Red Sox are no stranger to classic monikers. From “The Splendid Splinter” and “Big Papi” to “Yaz” and “Oil Can”, the Red Sox have always had at least one player with an unforgettable nickname.

Major League Baseball is embracing the importance of nicknames during their first annual Players Weekend. Held from August 25th to 27th, Players Weekend will feature looser uniform guidelines and incredibly colorful jerseys that feature either a well-known or a simply hilarious nickname in place of the player’s last name.

Familiar nicknames

Many of the Red Sox players’ chosen nicknames are already known; Mookie Betts will wear simply “Mookie“, Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez will use their longtime “Laser Show” and “El Trece” names, Jackie Bradley, Jr. will display his “JBJ” initials, and Xander Bogaerts will show off his classic “X“.

BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 1: Brock Holt
BOSTON, MA – AUGUST 1: Brock Holt /

The Flow Bros, Brock Holt and Andrew Benintendi, will use “Brock Star” and “Benny” as their nicknames. Chris Young will use his longtime “CY” nickname, with Joe Kelly using his “JK” initials as well.Christian Vazquez will wear “Colo“, which is short for colocho. Colocho is the Spanish word for “red-haired” and can also mean curly. Eduardo Nunez has been known as “Nunie” for years and will display the name on his jersey.

Unfamiliar nicknames

While most of these nicknames are known or self-explanatory, there are a few that require some explanation. Ace pitcher Chris Sale will wear the name “Stickman” on the back of his jersey. At 6’6″ and 180 pounds, Sale certainly looks like a stick when pitching from the stretch. Sale’s rarely-used nickname was though to be “The Condor”, but it appears that he has a new one.

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First baseman Mitch Moreland will wear “2-Bags“, a nickname he earned earlier this season after dropping double after double off the Green Monster. Moreland has 24 doubles so far this season, only three shy of his career high of 27.

Christian Vazquez will wear “Colo”, which is short for colocho. Colocho is the Spanish word for “red-haired” and can also mean curly, though Vazquez keeps his hair cut quite short.

Interesting nicknames

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David Price’s almost constant companion is his dog Astro, who has been featured in bobbleheads with Price and even on his own when Price pitched for Tampa Bay. Price’s jersey will read “Astro’s Dad“, which some will joke has been Price’s greatest contribution to baseball. His dominance on the mound is nice and all, but Price is clearly deeply proud of the level of fame that Astro has achieved.

Drew Pomeranz has turned his Red Sox career around this season, winning eleven games so far with a 3.36 ERA. Earlier this season, it was revealed that Pomeranz’s nickname was “Big Smooth” and he has lived up to that name this year.

Like Sale, Pomeranz is 6’6″, but has a bit more weight to him at 240 pounds. He does move quiet smoothly, so the nickname appears to fit.

Each player will also get the opportunity to wear a patch on their jersey signifying someone who helped them on their journey to the major leagues. Young will honor his mother and Rick Porcello, whose jersey will display “Veintidos” (the Spanish version of his number 22) will honor his parents.

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During interviews, players will also wear t-shirts showing off a charity of their choice. MLB is showing a clear commitment to bringing a bit of fun to a game that has been called boring and old-fashioned in recent years while also giving players opportunities to help those in need.