Boston Red Sox: Andrew Benintendi’s blistering August nights

BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 16: Andrew Benintendi
BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 16: Andrew Benintendi /

Rookie outfielder Andrew Benintendi is raking in the month of August, helping lead the resurgence of the Boston Red Sox.

The month of July was a tough one for the Boston Red Sox, with Andrew Benintendi contributing his fair share of struggles.

It’s amazing what a difference three days of rest makes.

Rested-or benched, depending on your point of view-for games on July 31 and August 1, with rain out on August 2, Benintendi found the cure for what ailed him. A .222 batting average in the month of July now becoming a distant memory.

The after effect of his three days of to mentally recharge? A 1.295 OPS in the month of August, leading the charge of Boston’s current hot streak.

Eduardo Nunez and Rafael Devers have done their part as well, but in 2017 the Red Sox have fared as Benintendi has fared. This was evident in July and also back in May when the rookie hit only .204. (Odd months haven’t been kind. Maybe John Farrell should pick his spots with him in September.)

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Benintendi sandwiched a horrible May between a .333 April and a .295 June. Through the 12 games he’s played in August, Benintendi is hitting .413.

He has hit safely in ten straight games, including two 3-hit games. He has five home runs (nearly a third of his season total) and 13 runs batted in. Benintendi also has six of his 14 stolen bases this month, adding another dimension to his still growing game.

Benintendi’s ever-growing game was on full display last weekend in New York as he primed himself to be the next great Yankee killer.

Ruining New York’s dreams

Up until the second weekend of August 2017, Benintendi had been far-from-great in his performance against the Yankees. In fact, he’d been downright pedestrian.

The rookie had a total of five hits, hitting .161 with one home run.

Last weekend rose to the occasion. Over the three-game set, Benintendi went 5 of 13 with three home runs and nine RBI’s. Saturday’s victory was the finest game of his career as he single-handedly beat the Yankees by driving in six runs.

Weekends like he had against the Yankees will be expected of Benintendi for the remainder of the season. Half way through the month, he looks like the lefty slugger fans were wanting all season.

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Capturing flashes of brilliance – much like he did in April and June- Benintendi appears to finally be on a track leading to consistency. Even with the arrival and play of Nunez and Devers, Benintendi will be expected to lead the charge in big moments.

He maybe a rookie, but if the the last few weeks are any indication, Benintendi is ready for the responsibility. Now, it’s time for the rest of the league to find out.