Forget Cavaliers, Boston Celtics think they can beat Golden State

BOSTON, MA - MAY 25: Kyrie Irving
BOSTON, MA - MAY 25: Kyrie Irving /

As many already know, The Cleveland Cavaliers traded All-Star Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics for All-NBA second team Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the 2018 unprotected first round Brooklyn Nets pick.

I hate this trade. With all of my Boston Celtics fandom, I hate this trade.

I know that is not what we all want to hear. We all want to hear how great the Celtics will be this year with Kyrie Irving on board. I get that

Long term right?

Yet, I thought it was established that this team’s window was not open; not yet. I thought that we were waiting a few years. I thought this upcoming draft class will be one of the best. The possibly transcendent Marvin Bagley III is eligible, but we cannot forget to mention the magnificent Michael Porter Jr, international stud Luka Doncic, and elite modern center Mo Bamba as well. There are four legitimate players that could be franchise players in next year’s NBA draft.

The Brooklyn Nets are bad. That pick is going to be 1-4. Count on it.


So let’s put a name to it. Let’s call the pick Bagley. So is Thomas (who scored more than Irving and was named to the NBA second team), Crowder (who hit 40% of his 3-point attempts in a league that so values 3-D wings), Ante Zizic (who seems like he will become a very capable player down-low, where the Celtics struggle), and Bagley really worth two years of Kyrie Irving? We definitely do not know if Irving is going to sign an extension, so let’s call it two years.

The Boston Noise

More than that, in Boston sports in general, it seems there are two things that derail star athletes in Boston; their play in terms of not living up to their contract on the court and outside noise. Sometimes it is even a combination of both.

If Kyrie thinks Cleveland media and the national media was rough, he has never been to Boston.

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Let’s hope he does not injure himself for a long stretch, because if he does, and he is not performing, it might start to resemble the David Price situation with the Boston Red Sox.

The outside noise that I am truly afraid of is Kyrie’s flat earth theory. It is ludicrous, and Boston is going to grill him for it. This is Boston; a city of Harvard and MIT. Science still exists here. I hope he is ready for the constant questions on that.

Suddenly Short Term

But more to the main point, the Boston Celtic’s focus has clearly shifted. This team is focused on the now against what is arguably the most dominant team in NBA history in the Golden State Warriors. I don’t care about beating Cleveland. Only the banner matters. Remember? Is this team really capable of beating the Warriors? If Kevin Durant is healthy, who is capable of stopping him? Anyone? How about a shootout? Anybody ready for a shootout? No, I don’t like the Celtics chances there either.

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So please, tell me why we did this trade and mortgaged our best chance at a third foundational player next year and set up a possible chance at a dynasty? Please tell me.