Underappreciated Tuukka Rask will continue to prove he is a top tier goalie

OTTAWA, ON - APRIL 15: Tuukka Rask
OTTAWA, ON - APRIL 15: Tuukka Rask /

Tuukka Rask is a goalie the Boston Bruins can rely on.

In Boston, it seems that fans can easily turn on a player. Especially if that player’s sole responsibility is to keep the puck out of the net. After a rough 2015-2016 season where Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask had a 2.56 GAA. Tuuk returned to form with a 37-20 record, a 2.23 GAA, and 8 shutouts.

Even in the playoffs, Rask put up an ok performance with the lack of depth that the Bruins defense was dealing with due to injuries. He had a SV% of .920 and continued to make big saves even with the Bruins losing the series.

Now like any goalie, Rask can have rough games but as a Bruins fan I can say that in the clutch when a big save is needed Tuukka more likely than not is gonna stop the shot by any means possible.

OTTAWA, ON – APRIL 21: Tuukka Rask
OTTAWA, ON – APRIL 21: Tuukka Rask /

NHL Network says Tuukka is not a top 10 Goalie

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When I saw some of the names on the list I thought “hmm he’s a pretty good goalie.” Then I saw Cam Talbot’s name and said: “wait what?” Let’s look at Tuukka’s career stats. He has a 204-123 record, .923 SV%, a 2.24 GAA and 38 career shutouts. His .923 SV% is the best among all active and retired players. His GAA 9th among all NHL players. I don’t know about you but with his performance last season Tuukka deserves at the minimum a top 10 slot.

Season Predictions

Bruins fans should expect Tuukka to have a quality season. Expect what we have seen from Tuukka before. A SV% around .915 and .920, a GAA average in the low 2’s, and I would say around 35 wins. Even at 30 years old I feel Rask can maintain his play.  Maybe not being in the top 10 will give him a little spark but none is needed.

Rask will continue to prove that he could probably be a top 5 goalie in the league, and still, we will be hearing fans calling for the team to trade Tuukka.

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The only thing you’ll see me yelling is “Tuuuuuuuuka” after he makes big save after big save.