New England Patriots: 5 reasons not to freak out over Week 1 loss

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(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

After being blown out, New England Patriots fans shouldn’t overreact to the 42-27 loss

Well, last night was a gut punch to Patriots nation. With all the festivities and celebrations you might have even forgotten that there was a game to play. The experts had it chalked up as an easy victory for the New England Patriots, but that’s why we love the game of football because anything can happen.

Now a lot of people are freaking out. Tom Brady’s age is being brought up, injuries are mounting, but let’s not say the season is over after one game.

Mike Gillislee

He had three rushing touchdowns and proved to be a great red zone asset. He is clearly a replacement for LeGarrette Blount as the Patriots top power back.

"“Mike ran hard,” quarterback Tom Brady said. “We’re going to need that all season from him.”"

Gillislee did have issues when faced with two 4th and 1’s. He didn’t convert which some argue played a big part of the game. I feel that the offensive line was more to blame. Also, Justin Houston and Erik Berry did have phenomenal games and were key to those 4th down stops.

Devin McCourty

FOXBORO, MA – SEPTEMBER 07: Demetrius Harris
FOXBORO, MA – SEPTEMBER 07: Demetrius Harris /

The safety had a great game and was the clear bright spot of the defense. Devin McCourty made key tackles in open field and recovered a fumble.

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The play that fans may be going after McCourty for is Tyreek Hill’s 75-yard touchdown catch. It appeared that Stephon Gilmore expected McCourty to be covering Hill over the top so he let his man cruise by for a touchdown. It appeared of more of a mistake by Gilmore than McCourty but the safety took some of the blame as well after the game.

"”It was different things on each one,”  Devin McCourty said. ”I gave up one where I could have definitely played better. But we gotta watch it and see.”"

Patriots have a history with week 1 losses

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I am not saying we should be happy that the Patriots lost but the Patriots have been known to bounce back. After a loss to the Chiefs in 2014 Bill Belichick uttered the now-famous words, “we’re on to Cincinnati.” The Patriots were told they were done and Trent Dilfer said that team wasn’t good anymore. Then the Patriots rattled off 7 straight wins and won the Super Bowl. This could be the piece of “humble pie” that the Patriots needed. They need to shake this game off which I’m confident they will do.

Stephen Gostkowski

After a lackluster season, Gostkowski made all of his extra point and field goal attempts versus the Chiefs. His longest kick was only 32 yards but after last season it is good to see some stability and consistency from him.

Danny Amendola

Besides the whole possible concussion situation, Danny Amendola had a hell of a game. He had 6 catches for 100 yards. He looked to be the replacement for Julian Edelman on offense. Also, it seemed as though he was someone that Tom Brady could trust. Now if this head injury is serious he will be out for some time which makes an already slim wide receiver core even slimmer.

Is Dont’a Hightower’s injury reason for concern? Yes. I don’t think it is healthy for almost 700 pounds to land on your leg.

Let’s remember that it takes awhile for new players to get acclimated to the Patriots offense. It is week one. I’m not saying we are gonna go 15-1 but we need to not hit the panic button. We still have the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Especially with Hightower’s injury, the entire defense needs to step its play up as well as the offensive line.

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Last night was rough but… we are on to New Orleans.