Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak update: Not good

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 15: David Pastrnak
TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 15: David Pastrnak /

The saga continues between Boston Bruins front office members and young budding superstar David Pastrnak.  It’s getting into a scary place for fans.

With Boston Bruins training camp opening tomorrow, it is being reported that David Pastrnak will not be in attendance.

According to NHL insider and TSN host Darren Dreger, Pastrnak remains in the Czech Republic, and will not be reporting back to the US or Bruins camp until a deal is done.

In a serious of tweets, Dreger indicates that he believes a deal gets done, however, at the 11th hour, and the Pastrnak will be in the NHL this season:

"“No hard evidence, but a feeling something happens tonight between Bruins and Pastrnak.  Obviously, camp opens so makes sense…However…Pastrnak remains in Czech Rep and has no intention of flying over without a new deal.  Could start skating with a team there soon……the KHL threat is always there.  Pastrnak could net $6+ mil based on interest and play in the Olympics.Multiple scenarios ranging from 5-8 year term have been discussed.  Seems like a final push is up to the Bruins.”"

OTTAWA, ON – APRIL 12: David Pastrnak
OTTAWA, ON – APRIL 12: David Pastrnak /

Bruins insider, Jimmy Murphy, has also reported on the topic today via his twitter feed.  He and others have an idea who may be at fault for the delay in signing Pastrnak.  That person is none other than Bruins owner, Jeremy Jacobs, which to many who follow the Bruins would not be a surprise:

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"“Multiple sources telling me today that #Pastrnak does want the 8-yr term #Draisaitl got, but is aksing for $7.5 per yr. #NHLBruins.Also, there’s growing feeling amongst #NHL players & execs, that #NHLBruins owner Jeremy Jacobs is playing larger than told role w/#Pastrnak.Some – as I stated in latest @Bruins-Beat – feel Jacobs is using #Pastrnak negotiations to stem rising tide in salaries paying for potential.One final thing on #Pastrnak, as I’ve stated here before, the lockout-clad bonuses #Pastrnak wants are also a big issue for Bruins/Jacobs.If #Pastrnak negotiations go south or even never gets resolved, I wouldn’t blame Don Sweeney/Cam Neely.  This is on JP Barry & Jacobs IMO.”"

The rumor mill, being what it is, has been spinning with the idea that if not suitable deal can be reached, that Pastrnak would consider the KHL.  It has also been reported that offers from the KHL have been coming in to Pastrnak’s team.  It would make sense for Pastrnak, because he could make some money playing European hockey, and have the opportunity to represent his country in the Olympics.

The Boston Bruins cannot afford to lose Pastrnak for this season.  Those 34 goals and 36 assists would have to come from somewhere.  Yes, the Bruins have a lot of young talent, but likely no one who would be able to step in and provide that level of production.  I know David Backes was just kidding when he said to lock them in a room with no food until they reach an agreement, but at this point, it needs to happen.

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On the eve of the Bruins starting training camp, one thing is for sure:  No Pastrnak = No playoffs.