New England Patriots: Rob Gronkowski’s key to dominance is physicality

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 7: Rob Gronkowski
BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 7: Rob Gronkowski /

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski knows he has return to his physical ways to be affective in the offense.

Physicality is what makes Rob Gronkowski such a beast on the field.  On Thursday, the New England Patriots tight end admitted he needs to return to his physical ways to be the dominant force that causes opposing defenses to shutter.

Heading into this Sunday’s matchup against the New Orleans Saints, Gronkowski has already vowed to step up his attitude.

Following a game in which he was held to just two catches for 33 yards, the big tight end credits how physical the Kansas Chiefs defensive backs were, particularly safety Eric Berry.

In fact, it become how defensive backs have played Gronkowski over the last season or so and something the All-Pro tight end understand has grown accustomed to.  That includes the apparent defensive holding and pass interference he endures on the field.

"“If I was one of those DBs – and you’ve seen film over the last few years – I mean, I would definitely be doing that if I was the DB,” Gronkowski said, as transcribed by WEEI.  “100 percent.  I mean, you don’t really ever see it called ever.  So I’ve just got to play with it and play how the game is called, and if I was the DB, I would do it, too.”"

The holding game

During the 42-27 loss to the Chiefs, there were a few plays where Rob Gronkowski did not draw a flag.  Officials seem allow certain physical play when it comes to Gronk.  There have also been times over the past few seasons where he has seen the calls go against him.

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Indeed.  But, Gronkowski knows he has to stick with his game and not allow the physicality nor the officials take him out of the game.

"“I feel like whenever I think about that like, ‘Oh, I can’t be physical because of the referee, I might get a penalty,’ I actually feel myself off my game,” Gronk said.  “I feel like I should just play my game and just worry about what the ref is calling and be physical.  I don’t like thinking like that, like, ‘Oh, I can’t be physical on this play or with this guy.’  It just doesn’t feel right.  I’ve just got to stick to my game and just do what I’ve got to do and do it better.”"

It has been quite a while since Rob Gronkowski has “thrown a player out of the club” like he did former Indianapolis Colts DB Sergio Brown. Maybe that is the type of attitude and physicality he is talking about.

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If he becomes that intimating force again on the field, the New England Patriots offense will be more than fine…even without Julian Edelman.