Boston College: Tim Hasselbeck doesn’t like the direction of his alma mater

CHESTNUT HILL, MA - SEPTEMBER 16: Brandon Wimbush /

Former Boston College Eagles quarterback Tim Hasselbeck ripped his alma mater on Monday after another loss to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday.

Boston College hung around with Notre Dame for awhile on Saturday, but they ended up getting blown out, giving up 49 points, and allowing the Irish to rush for over 500 yards. That didn’t set well with Eagles fans or former players.

The Eagles were embarrassed at home at Alumni Stadium, and it’s not like Notre Dame is a powerhouse anymore like Alabama. The Irish are a team that the Eagles should be able to beat.

To make matters worse, here’s what BC head coach Steve Addazio had to say after the game.

Are you serious!? It sounds like you actually are a smiley-sticker guy here Steve. A lot of good stuff went down? Really? Giving up that many yards on the ground is good stuff? This has to be a joke.

Well, those words did not sit pretty with former Boston College QB Tim Hasselbeck. He was on Kirk & Callahan on WEEI on Monday and had this to say.

"“It’s probably not a good thing for me to do this –– to come on and bash BC –– that’s not my intention. But I will say this: they’ve got to make the program relevant,” Hasselbeck said. “The program will never be relevant if you’re just happy competing with people and you’re happy just being bowl eligible. That won’t be the case. As a former player, and somebody who likes to see that place do well, that’s hard to hear.”"

You have to agree with Hasselbeck here. What type of coach is just happy to compete for half of a game or just getting to 6 wins? The fans at Boston College expect more of Addazio and the players should as well. Now, Hasselbeck knows it’s much tougher to recruit players to play at BC, but it’s not impossible.

"“There are going to be teams that have athletes that BC just wasn’t able to recruit or land. So you’re going to have games where you’re overmatched by people,” Hasselbeck said. “But, just being completely candid, one of the reasons I decided to go to Boston College is I lived in the area when Tom Coughlin took a Boston College team that did not have the athletes that Notre Dame did, and beat them. And I saw the excitement that was generated around the area for Boston College football. That had a massive impact on me as a kid. You guys could go the entire year without ever talking about Boston College football if you’re happy that it was a competitive game for a little bit, which by the way, this is a Notre Dame team that’s OK. It’s not like you played Alabama.”"

Time for a change in The Heights?

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Somehow, it seems like Steve Addazio doesn’t think he’s on the hot seat. If he isn’t he should be, and he needs to coach like he is.

Addazio said he had a five-year rebuilding plan for Boston College football, and he’s in the fifth year of that “plan”. Yes, he has taken the Eagles to three bowl games, winning one, but they barely even compete in the ACC. Overall, Addazio is 22-29 as the BC head coach. He’s 10-23 against the ACC. That’s not going to earn you much respect in Boston or the ACC as a whole.

Addazio will beed to turn things around this season if he wants to keep his job. His contract currently runs through 2020, but Director of Athletics Martin Jarmond could look to make a change.

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BC will likely begin the season 1-3 with a loss next week to #3 Clemson. That’s not a great start to the year, and it could be the beginning of the end for Addazion in Chestnut Hill. The ACC schedule ahead is tough as well, and that will determine the future. For now though, just know you’re on the hot seast Steve!