Boston Bruins: The players who stuck out in preseason opener

MONTREAL, QC - NOVEMBER 08: Brad Marchand
MONTREAL, QC - NOVEMBER 08: Brad Marchand /

The Boston Bruins opened their preseason schedule against the Montreal Canadiens Monday night.  Which players stuck out and which players didn’t?

Even though most of the notable Boston Bruins were not on the ice Monday night, there are definitely going to be some youngsters on the opening day roster.

Here are a few of the most notable performers.

Anders Bjork- This is a name you need to know. If you followed coverage of the Bruins Development Camp you knew that Bjork was impressive. It now looks like he has a good chance to not just make the team, but to play in the top 6, maybe even with Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron.

Last night he dazzled with his hands, vision and shot, which he used here to score the Boston Bruins’ second goal.

Overall, as long as he doesn’t try to get too fancy, all positives for Bjork.

Matt Gryzleck- He’s someone that stood out to me. Made a lot of good plays with the puck, advanced it well along the boards and in the neutral zone, but left some to be desired defensively and physically.

He was on the ice for both of Montreal’s goals and was at fault for the first one. Was covering Brendan Gallagher in front and just didn’t do a good enough job of locking him down. The second one, wasn’t his fault, and don’t worry I’ll talk about who’s it was.

Overall, more good than bad, but I don’t expect him to make the team this season. Down the road, he should be a good modern day puck moving defenseman.

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Jack Studnicka- He was drafted in the third round by Boston this past year and he was definitely raw. For some reason he was on the ice during a power play early in the first, and he looked very lost. Lost the puck several times and mishandled a good cross crease pass.

Also, you know the Canadiens second goal? Yeah, it was his fault. He was playing center and just forgot to pick up his man on the back check for some reason. Guy was wide open and slammed home the rebound.

Overall, not impressed at all, but on the bright side, he’s still very young.

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Jeremy Lauzon- Another defensive prospect I don’t think we’ll see in Boston this year. He LOVES to jump in the play, which is good to an extent. Sadly, I think it was getting excessive. There was one point he was starting to pressure the other team’s defenseman behind their goal line, and the Boston Bruins were on the PK.

Overall, good puck moving defenseman, just needs more time to develop.

Kenny Agostino- Last year’s AHL MVP didn’t really do anything to impress me. Disappointing considering the expectations some people were putting on him.

Overall, he still has time to prove himself, but I wouldn’t expect too much from him.

Jesse Gabrielle- Even though he has a different skill set than most of the prospects we’ve discussed, he’s still notable. A lot of people think he has a chance to make the top club as either a fourth liner or a depth forward, as he’s usually more of a defensive player.

Key word here is usually though because he had a nice finish to get the Bruins on the board.

Overall, had a quiet night other than the goal.

Tommy Cross- He got a lot of playing time. He played solid for the most part, my only complaint? He needs to do a better job covering opposing players in front of the net. I can think of at least two times where he was very lucky the Canadiens didn’t score.

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Overall, most likely going to play in Providence again.