Boston Red Sox: Drew Pomeranz is a key component to team’s success

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 12: Pitcher Drew Pomeranz
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 12: Pitcher Drew Pomeranz /

Going into this season, the Boston Red Sox were expected to rely on Chris Sale, Rick Porcello, and David Price for quality starts and wins. Now, it seems that the duo of Sale and Drew Pomeranz have been carrying the load in the starting lineup.

Now that it is almost postseason time, a question that is often asked by some fans who do not pay close attention to baseball is, “Who are some players who really made an impact on this year’s Boston Red Sox squad?”

If you are someone who finds yourself often asking that question, then Drew Pomeranz is one of the biggest names that you will hear (hopefully). For people who do hear this as an answer and ask, “What has he done that has helped the team so much?” Well, here’s the answer.

Numbers don’t lie

The first stat that comes to mind when talking about Drew is his win total. He is a part of a huge tie for second place in the American League. He has 16 wins to only 5 losses. That translates to a 76.2 win percentage. On top of that, he has a solid number of strikeouts (166), and he hardly walks batters. He has only allowed 58 earned runs, and his ERA is the fifth best in the American League (3.28), not too far behind his teammate, Chris Sale. Statistically, he is a great pitcher. He has definitely helped out Boston in that regard.

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With Pomeranz, especially this year, he isn’t going to go for the strikeout pitch every time. He does a good job of testing the strike zone of each ump, as well as seeing what the batter is willing to swing at. A lot of pitchers cost themselves a few hits because they keep going for their best pitch early and often. Sooner or later, a batter will read the pitch, and then you’ll find the ball in the stands. This isn’t always the case, but it is definitely not worth the risk.


Drew Pomeranz usually pitches about seven innings each start. That is impressive. He has a lot of stamina, especially when he strings together a few scoreless innings. This is honestly the best part of Drew’s game. When you can consistently pitch well for 7 innings per game, that makes your value skyrocket as a starter.

The Boston Red Sox have enjoyed Pomeranz’s production this year, and this could mean something big for the 28-year old’s future with the club.

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Let’s see how he does in the final month of baseball and beyond. From the looks of it, we are in for something special.