Boston Red Sox: Time to add some power to the lineup

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 1: Giancarlo Stanton
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 1: Giancarlo Stanton /

For the second straight year, the Boston Red Sox’s offense underperformed in the postseason.  With a need of power, who should Dave Dombrowski target this offseason?

Well, folks, it is officially a new era for the Boston Red Sox.  With the firing of John Farrell this morning, the Sox now search for a new skipper. But just finding a new manager should not be the only thing the Red Sox do this offseason.

The 2017 Red Sox got their runs the hard way.  Relying on contact hitting and aggressive base running can at times win you ballgames.

However, ranking 27th in the MLB in home runs will come back to bite you in the postseason and that is exactly what happened.

The Red Sox hit five homers during the ALDS vs the Astros.  Houston hit six home runs in the first two games of the series combined.

Everyone knew the Sox were gonna have problems with home runs after David Ortiz retired last season.  After watching the ALDS, Dombrowski has to search for a power hitter for the lineup.

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A Free Agent Option

Now, usually, a slugger plays first base or in the outfield.  A player Dombrowski could look at is upcoming free agent first baseman, Eric Hosmer.

Hosmer played a key role for the Kansas City Royals the last couple of years with being part of a core that went to back to back World Series and won a World Series pennant.

A career .284 hitter along with back to back seasons of 25 home runs, Hosmer can provide a much-needed punch for this offense.  He also provides solid defense with his three Gold Gloves to prove it.

If you had to choose between Hosmer’s production and current Sox first baseman Mitch Moreland’s,  I think you would choose Hosmer’s.

  A Blockbuster Option

However, if you know Dave Dombrowski, you know he is not afraid of making blockbuster deals.  Which is why trading for Giancarlo Stanton should be on the table for the Red Sox.

Now trading for a superstar slugger like Stanton is gonna be tough.  Not only are you trading for him, you are trading for his HUMONGOUS contract.

That sort of trade would probably mean parting away from guys like Andrew Benintendi and some other prospects.

On the other hand, getting a guy who hit 59 home runs last year and averages 44 homers per year, addresses your home run problem in your lineup and makes it a strength instantly.

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Just imagine it, folks.  Giancarlo Stanton in a Red Sox uniform, crushing 35+ homers a season.  That would certainly be a sight to see.

Whether it is getting power by way of signing guys like Eric Hosmer or trading for Giancarlo Stanton, one thing is for certain, Red Sox fans.  The Red Sox need a slugger.