New England Patriots: 5 observations from week 7 win over Falcons

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Hold On To That Ball, Gillislee

Mike Gillislee fumbled last week. As a New England Patriots fan, that’s call for concern. You worry about never seeing your running back again. Gillislee briefly entered Bill Belichick’s fabled doghouse, but survived and advanced.

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What I thought was hysterical but understandable is that Gillislee was clutching onto the football like it was a newborn baby whenever he got a carry.

Two hands, elbows tight. Can’t risk another fumble that could cost you your job. I don’t blame him one bit.

As the game went on, Gillislee loosened up. Not his grip on the ball, mind you, but the way he was running. He ran with the ball in one hand and covered up whenever he entered a pile. He was sure to switch to his sideline hand, ensuring a fumble would go out of bounds. He channeled his inner BenJarvus Green-Ellis and wouldn’t allow himself to lose the football.

Gillislee ran the ball 8 times today, second to only Dion Lewis. In my personal opinion, Lewis should continue to get the majority of the carries, as he’s the most explosive runner and and receiving running back the Patriots have.

It would appear as though Gillislee’s stint in Belichick’s doghouse was short lived. If he continues to cover up like he did tonight, he won’t be returning there.