Boston Celtics: 3 reasons to love big bangin’ Aron Baynes

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 2: Aron Baynes
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 2: Aron Baynes /

The Boston Celtics made a splash this offseason with the signing of Gordon Hayward and acquisition of Kyrie Irving, but the most underrated addition is Aron Baynes. 

That’s right.  The Australian big man is just the type of player the Boston Celtics needed. With his size, combined with his toughness, Aron Baynes gives Brad Stevens’ team the big bangin’ big man they have been searching for.

Don’t let the early season stats fool you.  His 5.3 points and 4.1 rebounds per game through the first six games of the season does not tell how huge he has been for the Celtics.  His presence on the court has not only turned the team into one of the top rebounding teams in the league, but he gives them a rim protector willing to sacrifice his body.

Just take a look at this dunk attempt by Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo:

That is the kind of interior play that makes the one-year, $4.3 million contract Aron Baynes signed with the team such a bargain.  Along with the physicality and toughness he adds, the Boston Celtics center is enjoying his role with the team.

"“I’m just really enjoying it, and also within Brad’s system he puts us in the right place to succeed,” Baynes said, via NBC Sports Boston. “If we play within that, we’re going to do alright as well.”"

Baynes has definitely made his presence known in Boston and here are three reasons to love the big bangin’ bruiser.


Attitude and defense

One of the biggest offseason needs was a big body who could protect the rim and give the team some attitude.  Aron Baynes has done that so far in the young NBA season.  Not only has he provided a defensive presence, his attitude and muscle has given the team some swagger down low.

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As evidenced by his four blocks Saturday night vs. the Miami Heat, Baynes makes opposing players think twice before going to the rim when he is in the game.  Of course, Boston Celtics fans and Brad Stevens love what he brings to the team.

"“Baynes is one of the best in the NBA with defending the rim without blocking a ton of shots,” Stevens said.  “The whole verticality deal, he’s very good at.  And he works really hard at it.  He’s a big body when you run into him.  So, he’s made a huge difference in our defense; there’s no question about it.”"

Championship pedigree and leadership

The second reason to love Aron Baynes is the leadership and experience he brings to a young Boston Celtics team.  Sure, Kyrie Irving has a ton of championship experience and Al Horford has been around awhile, but Baynes knows what it takes as a role player.

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On a team that lost Gordon Hayward five minutes into the NBA season, the leadership Baynes provides is something Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum has witnessed right away.

"“He probably doesn’t get enough credit that he deserves,” Tatum said, via NBC Sports Boston.  “he’s a veteran; has won a championship.  He does it all, whatever coach asks him to do, whatever the team needs on a given night, he does it.”"

So far this season, Aaron Baynes has started and come off the bench.  His size and intensity down low allows Stevens to utilize Al Horford as a stretch four when the two are on the court together.  This is an element the team didn’t really have last season in Amir Johnson and Kelly Olynyk.

Sparking personality

Finally, Baynes brings the type of personality to the game fans just have to love.  While he is an instigator, a rim protector and a big bangin’ rebounder, he is a light-hearted soul off the court.

That combination makes the Australian big man a character that will ultimately win the hearts of teammates, coaches and fans.  It pretty much already has.

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Overall, the team has its franchise players in Irving, Hayward, Tatum and Jaylen Brown, but it’s the players who do the little things that brings a team together.  This season, that player has and will be Aron Baynes.

Let’s hope it extends beyond the 2017-18 NBA season.