Boston Bruins: David Backes sidelined eight weeks due to colon procedure

OTTAWA, ON - APRIL 12: David Backes
OTTAWA, ON - APRIL 12: David Backes /

The Boston Bruins continue to have bad luck this season on the injury front.

Boston Bruins center and right winger David Backes has been consistently sidelined this year due to injury, and it now looks like things are getting even worse.

"After missing the first five games of the regular season with diverticulitis, and with the likelihood of another episode affecting him this season, the Bruins have made the decision to surgically remove part of Backes’ colon, a decision and procedure that is expected to put the 33-year-old forward out of action for the next eight weeks. -Ty Anderson WEEI"

Nobody should be surprised by this.

I’ve made my feelings on David Backes clear throughout my time at Chowder and Champions. He’s an old player with a bad contract, and this injury is just another reason why the Bruins shouldn’t give out these deals. Sadly, I also wouldn’t expect this to be a one time thing over the next four years, that’s right four years, of the contract.

OTTAWA, ON – APRIL 15: The on-ice officials attempt to separate Dion Phaneuf
OTTAWA, ON – APRIL 15: The on-ice officials attempt to separate Dion Phaneuf /

We all know how players, other than Tom Brady, regress as the years go on. An injury like this has been my worry since the very beginning. If Backes continues to miss time, then this deal will look even worse. He had a lackluster start in Boston last year, let’s hope he can rebound from this in the second half of the season and over the rest of his time with the Bruins.

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Even though it’s obviously never fun to watch a player get hurt, there are some positives with David Backes taking some time off.

The Youth Movement

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This has been a recurring theme in Bruins articles all year. This season is all about letting the Bruins prospects begin to make the transition into full fledged NHL players. With David Backes out of the lineup, this becomes even easier.

Even tough the Boston Bruins have not had a great start to the season, currently 4-3-3 through 10 games, there is still a ton of hockey left. It’s also important to remember the youth have preformed well thus far.

I’m not saying they’ve been perfect. I’ve noticed plenty of mental mistakes, but look at the brigh

t side. Currently, Boston has two players in the top 10 for rookie point leaders, McAvoy and Bjork. On top of that they have two more players in the top 25, Heinen and DeBrusk. 

Let’s also remember that Heinen, a player poised to benefit from Backes’ absence, has jumped up the charts with 6 points in as many games.

It’s important to note that a veteran presence like Backes is important to have in the locker room. That being said, whatever the Bruins lose in David Backes’ leadership qualities, they make up for in quality minutes for the youngsters. This season is all about these guys, not our aging veterans.

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It just makes embracing the youth movement that much more necessary, and I’m all for it.