David Ortiz on new Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora: ‘That’s my boy’

BOSTON, MA - JUNE 23: Former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz
BOSTON, MA - JUNE 23: Former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz /

David Ortiz is all in on new Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora.  The retired slugger expressed his confidence in his former teammate.

David Ortiz loves him some Alex Cora.  In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Ben Reiter, the former Boston Red Sox slugger touched on the hiring of his former teammate.

"“That’s my boy,” Ortiz said in the interview.  “We played together in 2007, when we won the World Series, and we always stay in touch. He’s a baseball guy.  Very smart, man.  He’s going to be successful there.”"

Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock, Cora was named to replace John Farrell as the Red Sox manager after the team failed to make it past the divisional round of the playoffs.  Ironically, the team was ousted by Cora’s current team, the Houston Astros.

A change needed to come

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Part of the reason Farrell was let go was his failure to relate to the young players on the team.  Despite a lack of managerial experience, the belief is that Cora will form that connection with younger stars like Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts and Rafael Devers.

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Alex Cora will also have the challenge of motivating veteran players such as David Price and former teammate Dustin Pedroia, whenever he returns from knee surgery.  Sounds like quite a feat for a first time manager, however, Big Papi’s confidence in Cora does give indication that he will be a player’s manager.

The 43-year-old Ortiz definitely knows Cora, as they played together from 2005 to 2008.  That 2007 World Series team he mentions was filled with a mix of veteran players and young players.  With that experience alone, Cora should be able to find a way to make an unlikable team outside the clubhouse more likable amongst fans.

Big Papi in the broadcast booth

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In the interview, David Ortiz mainly talked about his transition from the field to the broadcast booth.  In joining the FOX Sports broadcast booth to begin the postseason, Big Papi has showcased his personality and expertise of the sport.

Not only did he touch on working with Alex Rodriguez and Alex Cora’s hiring, he gave an interesting opinion on New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge who he calls one of his new favorite players.

"“He’s like this huge teddy bear, and he’s just trying to get better at things,” Ortiz said.  “I love that type of human being.  This planet, this world, needs more people with a good heart….Aaron Judge is one of those guys who is doing everything the right way.  And I love that.”"

While that is what Boston Red Sox fans loved about David Ortiz, the retired slugger revealed that he does not miss playing baseball.

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There goes any hint of him returning to the team.  Hey, at least he has given his approval of the new guy in town.