Boston Celtics: The art of Kyrie Irving’s abilities

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 11: Kyrie Irving
CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 11: Kyrie Irving /

One of the most dazzling performers the league has to showcase, Kyrie Irving leads people deadpanning in the stands and at their televisions. He puts on a show every time he has the ball, and has done the Boston Celtics a lot of good already.

When Kyrie Irving does a move, whether it is a dribble combination or a fancy finish, it always captivates everyone from fellow Boston Celtics to analysts. It is the style and athleticism that clash as he graces the courts with his talent that leaves us all in awe.

The league hasn’t seen anything like Uncle Drew. He’s quick, lengthy, athletic, a strong basketball IQ, and a great ball handler. His offensive skill set is unparalleled. He can generate a scoring opportunity out of thin air. The only way to stop him is to foul him when he drives to the hoop. He is as crafty as they come.

The stats are pretty too

While watching him play is the ultimate luxury, Kyrie Irving’s stats are also fantastic to read. There are efficient and large numbers in all offensive categories. Throughout this season, the former Duke guard has averaged a high amount of points while also shooting high percentages on a large volume of shots.

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In a game against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night, Kyrie scored 35 points on 63.6 percent shooting from the field. That included shooting 40 percent from beyond the arc. He also hauled in 3 rebounds and dished out 7 assists. That was easily the best performance of the young season.

Living for the big games

There is one thing in common with most of the NBA legends with memorable in-game moments; they always showed up when it mattered most. Sometimes it is a clutch shot, other times it is a series of plays (Reggie Miller vs the New York Knicks, Tracy McGrady scoring 15 points in 30 seconds).

In some cases, it is a whole game where a player just shows out, like Michael Jordan scoring 63 against the 80’s Celtics dynasty or Kobe Bryant scoring 81 in the Air Canada Centre, a difficult arena to play in.

For Kyrie, a clutch shot is just a routine jumper. He converts more often than not when it matters most, whether in a key game or a key moment. A moment that is often left in the shadow of a clutch chasedown block by Lebron James, Kyrie Irving hit an off balance jumper in the 2016 NBA Finals with Klay Thompson on him. It put the game out of reach.

Boston Celtics

The Cavs of course went on to win Game 7 and in turn the series. Throughout the playoffs, the Finals hero had been putting up crazy scoring stats. In that Finals series alone, he had a game where he scored 41 points, and he scored at least 30 in 3 others.  Without this production, the Cavaliers would probably still be without a trophy.

The masterpiece in summary

Kyrie Irving is easily the most exciting player in the NBA. Between the pull-up threes, the killer dribble combos, and the mind-boggling passes, he is a walking highlight reel, and definitely a menace to whoever is guarding him.

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If you are guarding this man, make sure you have ankle insurance!