New England Patriots: 5 observations on week 10 win over Broncos

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New England Patriots
DENVER, CO – NOVEMBER 12: Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders /

Thank you, Butler

Fitting that Malcolm Butler’s last name means “the chief manservant”, because Emmanuel Sanders bossed him around all night.

Sanders is really fast. He’s a tough receiver to cover. But Malcolm Butler is a top tier NFL CB. He shouldn’t have been getting burned like the left side of Harvey Dent’s face.

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Sanders finished the night with 6 receptions for 137 yards. When he was open, he was OPEN. We’re talking driving through the Midwest open. Open field all around him. After shaking Butler, Sanders always found room to run, averaging 22.8 yards per reception.

Malcolm Butler was playing cornerback like Alan (Ryan Gosling) in Remember the Titans. Getting beat like he stole something. He’s gotta play more like Petey Jones.

I’m not saying he’s lost his touch, but he certainly had a bad game. From the Bronco’s first drive until their last, Sanders was the guy. In a Peyton Manning-led offense, I’ll shake it off and tip my cap. However, when Brock Osweiler is delivering the football? There’s no excuse there. Osweiler couldn’t throw the ball into the ocean, so that fact that he connected with Sanders for so many yards just shows how poor Butler’s coverage was last night.

Shake it off, Malcolm. It happens to everyone. I’m sure Bill’s ripping into you right now or Matt Patricia is telling you what you did wrong. That’s what makes the Patriots so good; it won’t happen again.

I pity whoever gets matched up against Butler next weekend. He’ll lock him down.