Boston Red Sox: How team should respond to the Giancarlo Stanton trade

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Now that the New York Yankees have acquired NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton, it’s time for the Boston Red Sox to make some big moves in the offseason.

Can you hear that? That’s the crying and screaming of every Boston Red Sox fan on earth. The reason for their suffering is quite simple. The New York Yankees, who led the MLB in home runs last season, just acquired NL MVP and MLB home run king Giancarlo Stanton.

The details of the trade have not yet been disclosed, but the Miami Marlins are said to be receiving a mix of veterans and mid-tier prospects.

If Clint Frazier is not a part of the Yankees package to the Marlins, the MLB should investigate Derek Jeter for insider trading. Oh boy am I serious.

But I digress. This move leaves the Red Sox in quite the predicament. Yes, we won the AL East in back to back seasons. Yes, we did so without hitting many home runs. Is that sustainable? Not at all.

If the Boston Red Sox want to stay relevant in the American League, it is an absolute must that Dave Dombrowski makes some significant offseason acquisitions.

As easy as it would be to defrost Ted Williams’ cryogenically frozen body and throw him in the cleanup spot, I have a feeling that won’t happen. David Ortiz is also off the table, seeing as he’s made it clear that he’s truly retired.

Dealin’ Davey will have to outsource for his lineup improvements, and they better be good to hang with the Justice League Yankees.

Here are some acquisitions the Red Sox should consider if they don’t want to be swimming in the Yankees wake in 2018.

J.D. Martinez

This one is simple. The Bronx Bombers go out and get the best power hitter in baseball? We go out and get the next best.

J.D. Martinez was arguably better than Stanton in 2017. He led the MLB in slugging (.690) and OPS (1.066), and hit home runs at an incredible clip.

Martinez hit 45 home runs in 432 at bats compared to Stanton’s 59 in 597 at bats. So, you tell me who the better home run hitter is.

Martinez also hit above .300 in 2017, which, by my metrics, is incredible for a man with such high power numbers. For reference, Stanton hit .281.

Signing Martinez will likely be an expensive option. The original asking price for Martinez was 7 years/$210 millions, but agent Scott Boras will soften up when the Winter Meetings come around. I’d say something in the 6 year/$150 million range is reasonable for a team who desperately needs a power bat.

Eric Hosmer

No, Hosmer isn’t the big slugger the Red Sox need. But he’s a player who will hit for average and add over 20 home runs each year.

In 2017, Hosmer hit .318 with 25 home runs, both of which would have led the Boston Red Sox. I love Mitch Moreland as much as the next guy, but Hosmer would be a little more stable.

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The one thing that scares me with Hosmer is his price. He’s going to get upwards of $20 million per season. He’s good, but is he that good?

Carlos Santana is a cheaper option if we’re interested in another first baseman, but he doesn’t satisfy my insatiable hunger for the best at every position.

If first base is where the Red Sox are looking to do their damage, look no further than Hosmer. He’ll be a welcomed addition to the Red Sox – Yankees rivalry.

Lance Lynn or Alex Cobb

The idea here is a solid, reliable RHP whose name is not Rick Porcello. If I have to watch Porcello pitch against the team who hit the most home runs + Giancarlo Stanton I might throw up.

If you’re wondering why, by the way, it’s because Rick Porcello throws the ball right down the middle. There’s a reason he gave up the most home runs in the MLB last season. Until he learns to throw his sinker down in the zone, there’s no place for him in our starting rotation.

Lance Lynn and Alex Cobb are both free agents who can help the Red Sox survive 2018. Without a strong right handed starter the Red Sox may just collapse from Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez induced trauma.

Both pitchers have dealt with significant injuries in the past, but they’re both returning to their normal selves. This will be the year that they show what they’re really capable of.

Both of these arms could really bolster a Red Sox rotation that is chock full of lefty talent. The only way to beat hitting is with pitching, so maybe that’s our key.

Marcell Ozuna

Jackie Bradley Jr. is my favorite player, so this is painful for me to say. But acquiring Marcell Ozuna would be the one reason I’d be okay with trading JBJ.

In 2017, Ozuna hit .312 with 37 home runs and 124 RBIs. That sounds like a bat that the Red Sox could use.

The Marlins have already gotten rid of Dee Gordon and now Stanton, so they could be looking to clean house in the outfield.

Though the Marlins’ focus may be on the Cardinals, the Red Sox should attempt to wiggle their way into trade talks during the Winter Meetings. If Miami does shop Ozuna, he will cost a fortune.

Fortunately for the Boston Red Sox, Dave Dombrowski isn’t frugal. If the Red Sox traded Bradley along with prospects for the 27 year old stud, well, that would just be okay.

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It would pain me to see JBJ walk, but Ozuna is a game changing player. We could move Andrew Benintendi to center and stick Ozuna in left. Who’s laughing now, Giancarlo?

*wipes away tears*

Standing Together

At times like this, Red Sox nation must band together. We don’t need to be criticizing each other about which prospects to send where or who not to sign. What’s important right now is that we make moves. Any moves.

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The Evil Empire is back at it again, and we can’t just sit back and take it. Are we going to let Aaron *expletive* Boone lead the Yankees to an AL East championship? Not on my watch. I will tweet, write, and complain until the Boston Red Sox put together a team capable of silencing Brian Cashman’s edition of the Golden State Warriors.

If anyone wants to organize a good old fashioned pitchfork and torch march on Yankee Stadium, count me in. Anything to affect their psyches in a negative way.

Don’t count the Red Sox out. Dave Dombrowski has a few tricks up his sleeve and I think we’ll be seeing them soon enough. One can only hope.

Boy, I can’t wait until March 29th. That’s when the fun starts. If I know you like I think I do, Red Sox Nation, you’ll be out in full force to support the Sox and take down the Pinstripes.

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P.S. This is all Shohei Ohtani’s fault. If he had just signed with the Yankees like he was supposed to, Brian Cashman wouldn’t have felt obligated to go out and get Stanton. Unbelievable.