Boston Celtics: Terry Rozier’s game-winning dunk heard around the world


Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier made magic happen with a steal and game-winning dunk in the final seconds of Monday night’s thriller in Indiana.

In many ways, the last play of Monday night’s thrilling 112-111 victory over the Indiana Pacers symbolized what kind of team the Boston Celtics have been and the type of team they are this season.

It also symbolized the type of player third-year guard Terry Rozier has turned into for the Celtics.  His hustle and intensity off the bench has been an asset all season.

Quickly establishing himself as a spark plug, Rozier’s defensive assertiveness was on full display with just seconds left in the game and his team trailing 111-110.

His interception of a pass, which led to the game-winning dunk demonstrated why teams should always play to the buzzer.  Overall, the Celtics did just that in a game in which they tried to give away.  With clutch shots by Kyrie Irving and the defensive play that ended the game by Rozier, Boston stole a game they led by as many as 19 points.

Down, but never out in any game, Terry Rozier and the Boston Celtics simply believed they could make the plays possible to ultimately come out on top in that game.  With the Pacers doing what they needed to do by making their free throws, the C’s simply overcame by makings 3’s and getting the ball back with their defensive pressure.

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"“It was crazy,” Rozier said following the game, via Yahoo Sports!.  “We never gave up, and our coaches were putting us in position, for us to win the game.  We took care of business and that’s the most important thing.”"

Luck of the green

As much as the Boston Celtics did what they needed to do to pull off Monday night’s victory, head coach Brad Stevens knows there was some good fortune involved.

Giving credit to Irving, Marcus Smart and Rozier for making clutch plays, Stevens acknowledged getting the ball back with 9.3 seconds left in the fashion that they did took some luck going their way.

"“Sometimes things work out in your favor.  Sometimes it’s just a random game where things work out in your favor,” Stevens said, via the Boston Herald.  “I know as much as we all try to analyze it, I think we got lucky in a lot of ways.  But we stayed in the play and played really hard and gave ourselves a chance.”"

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Perhaps the Celtics did get a little help from the leprechaun, but that is the kind of play and type of ending that can catapult a team…yes, even a team that is already now 26-7 on the season.