Boston Celtics 2017: A fan’s Christmas letter to NBA Santa

BOSTON, MA - NOVEMBER 30: Al Horford
BOSTON, MA - NOVEMBER 30: Al Horford /

Since it is the Holidays, I decided to write a letter to Santa on behalf of the Boston Celtics.

Dear Santa,

Hey Big Guy! I hope you’ve had a great 364 days since I last wrote to you. I know that the Boston Celtics have for sure!

I write to you on behalf of the Celtics. This team is already great. Do you even watch sports? Never mind, that’s beside the point. The Celtics are really good, as good as I’ve ever seen them. I still have a wish list for you, however.

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This year I want a big green banner. I know, this is not the first time I’ve asked for this. You’ve given me 17 already, but I just feel that 18 would be even better, you know? I, along with many others, have been wanting this since Kobe and the Lakers beat us 7 years ago. The many fans of this team (including me) would greatly appreciate this.

I would also like a win on Christmas. You see, last year the Wizards gave us a lot of trouble. I personally believe they deserve a big lump of coal. It would match the black that they wore when they faced us in our arena. If you gift us a win, I will leave extra cookies for you.

If it isn’t too much, I would also like to wish for Anthony Davis. I know that I wished for a big trade 3 years ago (thanks for Isaiah Thomas by the way!), but I feel that this guy needs to don the Celtic green. He would be perfect for us on both sides of the ball. It would also help you get me what I wished for first. I really want a championship, more than anything on this list.

Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics /

Last but not least

Please give me a healthy Gordon Hayward. I know this is a tough one. He is really hurt, but I was jumping for joy when you were able to get me him last year. This year, I need him fixed. I only got to see him for 4 minutes. Even if it takes until April, please get him healthy. I will leave a whole gallon of milk for you if you can do this for me.

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This is all that I want for Christmas this year, and I hope that you can do it for me Santa. I hope to see you next year.


Tre Wiggins (and all of the Boston Celtics)

P.S. If you could throw in a few more 16 game win streaks, that’d be amazing!