Boston Celtics: The Isaiah Thomas tribute situation is getting out of control

BOSTON, MA - JANUARY 3: Isaiah Thomas
BOSTON, MA - JANUARY 3: Isaiah Thomas /

With it being confirmed that  former Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas will get a tribute on Paul Pierce night, this situation seems to be getting wilder by the day.

The Boston Celtics blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers 102-88, but that was just half of what is going on between these two teams.

After Isaiah Thomas said he didn’t want a tribute on Wednesday night it was announced Thursday by Celtics GM Danny Ainge that Thomas will receive a tribute video on February 11th. Otherwise known as Paul Pierce night.

After that on ESPN’s The Jump Paul Pierce said the following about the choice to have an IT tribute on his night.

"“I’m not saying Isaiah shouldn’t get a tribute video … but on Feb. 11, the night I get my jersey retired, I’m not sure I want to look up at the JumboTron and see Isaiah highlights,’ Pierce said."

Now I was seeing a lot of negativity on the move on Twitter but I saw this (thanks to the Chowder and Champions twitter account) and almost gasped.

Nonsense! Blasphemy! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now I touched upon this on Twitter so here is my breakdown of the situation. Isaiah Thomas made basketball fun again in Boston. There were some rough years after the big 3 left and he could just absolutely take over a game. He was clutch beyond belief and delivered some impressive games. His performance after his sister’s death was inspirational, but the NBA is a business just like any other major sports organization.

Obviously, the trade will sting for a little but it seems egregious at this point. Wayne Gretzky one of the best NHL players ever got traded. I wish Isaiah nothing but the best but it is time to move on.

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Thomas is losing support in Boston

Now in the blog above it is mentioned how Isaiah did all these things for Boston, including playing after his sister’s death and how much it showed his love for the city of Boston. There is no doubt that IT loved Boston and the fans loved him back. He was so likable being a short scrappy guy, but now he seems to be losing that love. His antics are getting pretty annoying.

Finally, the last paragraph goes on to say how Thomas was the heart and soul of this team for 2.5 years and thus deserves a tribute in February. There is no doubt that Thomas was the leader of this team for those 2.5 years, but Pierce was the heart and soul of the team for 15 years. He was there for the entire rebuilding process of the franchise. He helped to take this team out of a deep hole all the way to a championship.

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For all Pierce did for the Celtics he deserves his own night. It shouldn’t be Paul Pierce night with a sprinkle of IT. I was stunned when I heard Ainge say they were having the tribute on the 11th. Fans won’t be happy and Ainge will hear it. At the end of the day it comes down to this. Paul Pierce meant way more to this organization than Isaiah Thomas.