Patriots QB Tom Brady on his game status says, ‘We’ll see’


Tom Brady, you really did not help to ease the minds of Patriots fans across the globe with your “We’ll see,” response regarding Sunday’s AFC Championship.

Tom Brady finally spoke to the media on Friday afternoon as he’s been dealing with a right hand injury for the past three days. When asked about his status for the upcoming AFC Championship Game, Brady simply said, “We’ll see.”

That is not very reassuring as many fans were hoping he would get up there and say that he’ll play and everything is fine. Perhaps though, he’s simply playing the game. If he were to announce he’s fine, the Jacksonville Jaguars would know that he is fine too. Now, Brady can keep them, and the fans, guessing.

Brady injured his hand on Wednesday at practice, but no one really knows how. It’s been reported that he jammed it, but that could have happened on a snap, a handoff, or on a pass if he hit a lineman’s helmet. Brady was not willing to disclose how the injury happened, and he wasn’t really up for talking about his hand at all. He wore gloves on both hands for his press conference.

Michael Felger from 98.5 The Sports Hub reported that Brady had to receive stitches from hitting his hand on another plays helmet. Felger is a reliable source, but until the Patriots clear TB12 we just never know.

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In fact, Tom Brady wore gloves on both Thursday and Friday as he was seen for warmups. He did not practice Thursday, but more information will come out on Friday as to his status. It’s not the norm for him to have a glove on his right hand, his throwing hand, and if he plays and wears it on Sunday it will be interesting to see how it impacts him.

Many believe that Brady will play on Sunday, and really, the Patriots need him to if they want to take down the Jaguars. Jacksonville has a very tough defense, and Brian Hoyer doesn’t seem like the type of quarterback that could take them down. This Brady story will hopefully be squashed well before game time on Sunday.

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The AFC Championship Game will kick off at 3:05 PM on Sunday at Gillette Stadium, with a trip to Super Bowl LII on the line. New England, and Brady, are in their 7th straight AFC Title game, and a Super Bowl win this year would give them 6 total, and 3 in 4 seasons. The last team to win 3 in 4 seasons? The Patriots in 2001, 2003, and 2004.