Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart’s mysterious hand laceration revealed

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The Boston Celtics guard went to Twitter to send an apology and revealed why he was out for the C’s game against the Clippers.

The mystery is no more. On Friday evening Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart went to Twitter to give the fans, and organization an explanation for the suspicious events prior to Wednesday’s game against the Clippers.

Prior to the game when it was revealed that Smart was out with a lacerated hand Brad Stevens wasn’t clear with what happened which made people think something bad had occurred.

"“He lacerated his hand on glass in the hotel, got stitches. I don’t know the full story,” Stevens said before the game, via ESPN. “We’re learning more about that. [Assistant general manager] Mike Zarren and [assistant athletic trainer] Brian Dolan were with him at the hospital two hours ago [when Smart] got stitches. It doesn’t sound like a long-term injury, but we’re doing more research on how it happened.”“Obviously, I want to make sure that I’m thorough in telling you how it happened and what happened. But, again, I think that he cut his hand in the hotel on glass sometime this afternoon.”"

When you see Smart’s statement it makes sense why the Stevens was being careful. He was protecting his player.

Not the best look for Smart here. There is a line between passion for the game and smashing your hand in a hotel room.

A turbulent season so far

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Smart has had an up and down season this year. In 46 games he is averaging just over 10 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game. These numbers would make this one of his best seasons of his career but he still seems to be marred by some issues.

He can just be horrid offensively. His shot selection is interesting at best, and sometimes it seems like he can’t hit the broad side of a barn On the other side his defensive ability is one of the best in the NBA. He can straight up win games on defense. Remember when he caused two straight fouls against James Harden?

This isn’t the first incident of Smart crossing the line. When Smart was at Oklahoma State he pushed and shoved a fan in a game at Texas Tech.

Personally, I love Smart and you can clearly see his passion for the game. His defensive ability makes him worth a contract extension, but he can’t keep acting up. You take the good with the bad when it comes to Smart.

The Celtics next game is on Saturday against the mighty Golden State Warriors. The C’s need all hands on deck if they want to defeat one of the best teams in the NBA.


It has been reported that Smart will be missing two weeks due to the injuries sustained. I never know that a picture frame could do that much damage.

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